Traditional Media in Singapore

May 08


For most of its existence, Singapore, a tiny island state has been under the dominance of foreign powers. Having got independence just 48 years ago, the pace at which this small country has moved forward is nothing less than a miracle. The population of the country is made up of mostly Chinese, Malay, and Indian people whose forefathers were brought here to work as laborers in rubber plantations when the island country was being handles as a British trading colony. Chinese, Tamil, and Malay have been languages spoken by people of Singapore though officially English has been the language of the country. This multi-cultural influence can be seen in on aspects of life here in Singapore and Media is not untouched.
Newspapers were first printed in local languages. With Chinese people making up almost 75% of the total population it is natural for Chinese language to be dominating language in the local press, radio, and television. Even after independence, there was no national identity of the country and even the Prime Ministers of the country have accepted on occasions that the population of Singapore being multi ethnic, it is a society in transition. Despite 75% Chinese, 14% Malayans, and 8.8% Indians, English continues to play the role of official language. It is perhaps the sign of colonial past of the country.

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