The Importance of Keeping Your Aircon Clean

Oct 24

With the hot and humid climate of Singapore, you’d be craving for the coolness and comforts of an air-conditioned room in no time. Whether in your home or at the office, you should always try to take care of your AC so you won’t have to face sweltering heat all the time.

However, there are always some circumstances when our AC will end up inoperative. And there can be many reasons behind an air conditioner not cooling. So, never hesitate to call aircon servicing when you find that your AC isn’t functioning well or has stopped functioning completely.

Some problems you may encounter

The compressor is one of the most important parts of an aircon. But even so, ending up with a defective compressor is a common problem with most air conditioning units.

The compressor facilitates heat transfer by sucking the warm air of the room, then pushing it into the AC’s coils where cool air is then blown out. The evaporator and condenser coils are important parts for the cooling process. It will be easy to avoid common aircon problems if you’re able to clean dirty coils as soon as possible.

If a compressor is damaged, the unit will pump out warm air even when you turn it up. Overall, the aircon’s performance will definitely be affected negatively.

A clogged air filter will also affect your aircon’s performance. Filters serve to keep the insides of the AC unit free from dust, dirt, and even avoid the possible buildup of allergens. There are a lot of simple ways that you can do to keep a clean AC. But if you want to ensure maximum sustainability of your appliance, finding a good repair guy for aircons here in Singapore is crucial. Working with a certified aircon servicing company means that your air conditioning system is in good and expert hands.

Another common problem with air conditioning units is having insufficient coolant. Coolant passes through the compressor and is converted to cool air (hence the name), and functions to absorb and remove heat inside the air conditioner.

Lastly, there can be issues with the thermostat. The thermostat basically controls the AC unit as it is used to adjust the temperature and turn the unit on or off. Even though at times, a faulty thermostat won’t be much of a problem, you might still face major difficulties.

Aircon maintenance and cleaning

Air conditioning services offer more than just AC installation in commercial buildings here in Singapore. These companies provide maintenance, cleaning and repair works for your centralized aircon. They have the most seasoned technicians who know very well how to clean central AC and conduct thorough inspection to ensure safety of the equipment and all its functionalities.

Aircon repair, also, isn’t something that you can easily do yourself. You might not thing of it highly at first, but air conditioners are complicated machines. Sure, you can do cleaning on your own, but when it comes to repairs, it’s still ideal to seek professional help. Sometimes, or depending on the damage, repairs can get pretty expensive. So, to cut the cost of aircon servicing and repair, as much as possible, try to maintain an upkeep AC.

That is why air conditioner cleaning is an important aspect in preserving the efficiency and lifespan of your aircon unit.

Just like the appliance itself, you could say that aircon servicing is a need in Singapore. There are many ways for us to keep our air conditioners functioning well. Even if we are successful in doing so, there will always be that time when we will have to call aircon technicians eventually. Maybe it’s just a matter of maintaining and keeping the lifespan of our air conditioning units with proper care.

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