The Definitive Guide to Reducing Dust in Your Home for Good

Mar 14

Dust is a problem in every household, but when no amount of sweeping could get rid of the bunnies and cobwebs, it’s time to know why exactly they keep coming to every corner of your small abode so you can finally get rid of them better and for longer, and see your home dust-free.

Where Dust Comes From

Most of the dust you see in your home actually comes from outside, such as soil, plants, and animals. Tiny debris and hairs can stick from your clothes or your shoes, and can be deposited in different corners around your house.

But dust can also come from your skin. Because you replace skin cells every day, the dead cells in your epidermis eventually surface to the top and flake off. This is especially true for the ones at your scalp.

Because dust particles are so small, they tend to float around in the air for a while before settling on the ground or on any surface.

Sweeping and Dusting

Surprisingly, while it’s important that you do so when you can, sweeping the floor doesn’t actually remove the dust but shifts it in different places that can be easier or harder to access.

With feather dusters, this is made even worse since the dust simply sticks instead of being brushed away, which makes them not viable for cleaning at all.

The best way to get rid of dust is to use your broom from your ceiling, to the higher spots on your furniture, and then working your way down. Once all the dust and cobwebs are settled on the floor, you can use a vacuum cleaner to gather the dust more easily.

It also helps if you wipe down dusty areas in your house with a clean, damp rag (this is also where you can use floor cleaner to get rid of tough stains) after sweeping and vacuuming. 

Your Fabrics, Welcome Mats, and Carpeting

As much as they make your house or room look pretty, your fabrics and textiles can also be the biggest reason why your humble abode is still dusty no matter how much you clean it.

Regular cleaning is your solution if this is your problem. The best way you can go about this is by doing so on a schedule. For mats, you can clean them every other week (depending on how heavily they are used), while carpets and curtains can be cleaned once a month.

At the end of the day, dust will still keep coming into your home, but regular cleaning allows you and your family to take a deep breath and truly enjoy living in a dust-free environment.

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