Your Tipping Guide Around The World

Mar 07


Gratuities are part of service. You give gratuities for a superb service and even spread it via word of mouth or through social media. There are restaurants that include gratuities on the bill. Just look for the keyword – service charge. If you see this, you do not have to give any tips. Restaurants here in Singapore include gratuities on their bill.

However not all countries include gratuities on their bill. This means you have to give it personally to the waiter if you are satisfied with the service. The rule of thumb in giving gratuity is 10% of the total bill. Check the bill and if you do not see any service charge, you have to give. If that is not amenable for you, you can always round up the bill. Do not worry because no one ever got penalized for not giving tips unless it is on the bill.

It is helpful if you know which countries include service charge and countries who expect tips. Here is the list:

  • Germany: In Germany, you do not need to worry because it is included in your bill. Aside from that, people round up the bill to the nearest even number and leaving the coins they received as change.


  • India: Tipping in India is not compulsory but it is more of customary. Indians will surely appreciate it. But before you get some cash, check the bill first. If the service charge is not present, few rupees won’t hurt.


  • Italy: In Italy, if you check the bill, it won’t show service charge but “coperto” or “cover charge”. That should give you a hint that you do not need to pay extra for the tip. But if you feel very generous, restaurants there will welcome it.

  • Mexico: When it comes to tipping, Mexico follows its neighbour, America. It is customary to add 10 to 15% of the total bill regardless where you eat. Being a little generous won’t hurt you.


  • Spain: If you are in a bar, you do not need to leave tips. If you are in a high-end restaurant, there is no need to leave tips because it is included in the bill. But if you feel extremely generous, rounding your bill or adding 10% is appreciated.


  • Thailand: In Thailand, you do not need to pay tip but leaving few bahts can make a difference. Thais will appreciate it.


  • United Kingdom: If you are in a pub, you do not need to pay extra. If you are eating in a restaurant, check the bill first if the service is already included. If not, you have to add at least 10% to the bill.

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Travel Don’ts for New Globetrotters

Mar 03


There is an excitement knowing that you will go outside of your comfort zone and farther from Singapore. Seasoned globetrotters say that once you started traveling, your feet will be restless, itching for adventure all the time. If only traveling is an occupation, you will definitely apply, hope to get hired and wish to be employed forever.

You have to know that it is not purely magical moments. Sometimes traveling can be stressful especially for the new globetrotters. The experiences of seasoned globetrotters made their adventures less of a debacle. This should be your goal but if you are just starting, it is understandable that you will get into some troubles. The important thing here is you learned your lesson at the end of the day.

With this, here are some travel don’ts that you should be aware of:

Dressing appropriately

Depending on the place you are going, you have to research the type of dresses that country allows. Here in Singapore, you can wear short skirts or dresses but in other countries like the Middle East and other parts of Asia, it is not reprimanded. It doesn’t matter what you are used to but wherever you are, you have to adhere to their customs.


If it is possible, you want to bring your whole house when you travel but that doesn’t work. When you travel, you have to avoid overpacking as it can be inconvenient carrying around. You will discover how traveling can be less stressful with lighter and fewer things. Just bring basic things and you will survive. If ever you left something home, the easiest thing to do is buy it overseas.

Changing money

Your money here won’t work when you are overseas so you have to change it before flying. You have to go and check your bank. Most banks here offer money exchange with good rates. You can have your money changed there. Do not change money at airports because it is said that they have the worst exchange rates.

Trying new things

The essence of traveling is to try new things and meet many people. You won’t really live up to traveling if you are just in your hotel room waiting for time to pass. You have to immerse yourself with their culture, food and tradition so you will appreciate it more. It is not always you are given a chance to travel to other places and witness how they live.

When traveling, do not limit yourself. You have to be bold and be flexible. Enjoy your trip, globetrotter!

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Where You Must Be: Summer Beach Destinations  

Mar 31


What is your ideal summer? Many Singaporeans consider living in luxury and indulge in good things. There is nothing wrong with that but this means expensive things. This is not a problem for people with tons of money but what about those who want pampering for less? The good news is that these people can find a cheerful yet cheap getaway.


If a cheerful yet cheap getaway means beach this coming summer, there are plenty of places that you can consider for quick recharge. By cheap it means less than S$140 a night. What are you waiting for? It is time to pack your bags, file that long overdue vacation leave and start pampering yourself. Here are some beaches destinations that you need to consider:

  • Federal Villa Beach Resort: Federal Villa Beach Resort is located in Langkawi, Malaysia. It is famous for its easy access to a great stretch of beach not to mention the spectacular Andaman Sea view. The resort offers world-class facilities like fitness centres, tennis courts, playgrounds and swimming pool. It does not end there because they also offer an open air Jacuzzi. This sounds expensive but it is quite the opposite. The beach resort offers seventy seven rooms and is great for people who want to relax in a laidback time.
  • Thavorn Beach Village and Spa: Thavorn Beach Village and Spa is in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is popular tourist destination and there are plenty of hidden treasures like the Thavorn Beach Village and Spa. As the name suggests, it is like a village with six bars and restaurants. The village is also equipped with large rooms, sports facilities and the like. If you are bored, you can head to Patong for night life and shopping.


  • The Tamarind Sihanoukville: The Tamarind Sihanoukville is in Cambodia. When in Cambodia, tourists tend to gather to see their temples but you have to know that the country also offers wonderful beaches. The Tamarind is close to Occheuteal Beach and plenty of action there from different restaurants.
  • Vinh Hung Emerald Resort: The resort is nestled in Hoi An, Vietnam. It is different from other resorts because it offers a little bit of everything from shiatsu massages to fitness classes not to mention their stunning swimming pool. It does not end there because the resort also nestles heritage buildings. The good news is that it is not that expensive so you won’t go home with an empty bank account.
  • The Hualien Sugar Factory Hotel: The hotel is located in Hualien, Taiwan. This hotel is unique because it is surrounded by historical buildings. The hotel was influenced by Japanese. The hotel was first home to Japanese employees of the factory. Now, the hotel offers guided tours and features lemongrass. The hotel is a sanctuary from the hustle bustle of the metropolis.

There you go. These five place can provide solace if only for the meantime. When you go back to work, you will be a renewed person. Before flying there, make sure that you arranged everything so you won’t be stressed out. Have a good time!


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Revealing London’s Best Streets  

Jan 09


Fancy visiting London? This is the right time to consider it. Though it is a bit expensive, the experience that you will have will surely beat it all. Travelling to London from Singapore is a long journey. You should not worry though. As long as you speak English, you will never get lost. The only thing that you need to prepare is your itinerary.


The typical itinerary of Singaporeans visiting London includes going to The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, British Museum and the like. Some consider London for shopping. You can consider these places but if you want a different experience, you have to visit London’s best streets.

To submerge yourself from London society, you should never miss the following streets:

  • Seymour Place: Perhaps you know Chiltern Street since it is famous but its neighbouring street also offers the same glory of Chiltern Street. Seymour Place is a genteel street with its charm. The street lacks shops but it makes up for offering gastronomic delights. There’s The Lockhart, Sandy’s, Vinoteca, Donostia and many more establishments to try.
  • Lambs Conduit Street: After the learnings from the British Museum, you can head to Lams Conduit Street and experience eclectic shops. The street offers establishments like Folk, Oliver Spencer, Persephone, Darkroom and Knockbox.


  • Marylebone Lane: For an air of bohemian, Marylebone Lane is the perfect place to be. Though narrow, the street offers exceptional and independent shops and boutique. People walk by the entrance of the street because they are enticed by Marylebone High Street’s bright lights. You can see establishments like a jewellery shop by Alex Monroe and Laura Lee and fashion shop by Second Female and Bruno Athe.
  • Formosa Street: Formosa Street is near the famous Warwick Avenue. The street prides in its row of neighbourhood restaurants and other establishments like beauty parlor, homeware shop and a pub.
  • Acton Mews: If you want to enjoy London’s hipster vibe, you have to head to Haggerston Acton Mews. In the past, the street only features brick railway that bring the East London Line. Now, the street nestles interesting hot spots like Berber & Q.

Of course there are more streets to discover in London. One day is not enough to scour the streets of London. London offers hospitality and gentility so it will not be a waste to visit it. When in London, do what the English would do – that is how you will enjoy the place. After all, you do not know when you can return.


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