4 Effective Tips to Stay Productive Even If You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep Last Night

Jul 12

Sleep is an important part of our body’s routine – not only do we function less effectively when we don’t get enough of it, but it’s also a key period of time that allows our body to clear its own build-up of waste from cells and recuperate from the stresses of day-to-day activities.

However, there are times when we need to stay up late or even all night. Whether it’s to work a late shift or to finish a project in a hurry, we’ve all experienced this at least once in our lives, only to make us feel really groggy and sluggish when daylight finally comes.

To keep the “zombie mode” at bay until you get the chance to catch up on your now-interrupted sleep schedule, here are four effective tips you can follow:

1. Ease up on the caffeine.
You may think that drinking enough caffeine or loading up on energy drinks will keep the sleepiness on hold until you’ve done what you need to do – but only up to a certain point. In fact, many studies have shown that coffee can actually make the energy crash even worse.

While caffeine still holds up to its promise of a quick energy boost (and you should totally drink it), limit yourself to two or three cups at different intervals throughout the day. After three in the afternoon, you shouldn’t drink any at all.

2. Keep your meals small.
The stress of staying awake for more than twelve hours straight is almost guaranteed for you to want to binge-eat to replenish that lost energy. But in fact, it will only make you feel sleepier.

A large meal will make you more likely to fall asleep, partly because of a food coma. To combat this, keep your portions smaller to give your body enough time to process the food and keep going. As much as possible, stick to salads and leafy greens instead of fat- and protein-rich meals.

3. Drink more water.
The lack of sleep will make you feel dehydrated. Drinking more water, however, solves the “lack-of-energy” problem in two ways: the first way is that it will make you feel more awake and alert throughout the day.

The second way that it solves the sleeplessness issue is that all that water will make you use the restroom more, which is a simple way to get your blood moving and avoid falling asleep at your desk or in class.

4. Move around.
A workout or even a few stretching exercises is a great way to wake your sleeping cells up. A moderate amount of physical activity will boost energy and adrenaline levels, which will not only keep you awake throughout the day, but will help you sleep better when you finally get home at night.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)

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15-Minute Activities That You Can Do In One Week

Jun 15

Got some 15 minutes to spare? Then why not make a week-long list of activities that you can do during your free time?  Setting small, achievable goals actually aids in making our mind sharper and our day a lot more purposeful. So if you’re up to it, then here’s the list of week-long activities that you may want to try to accomplish.


  1. MONDAY: Be Crafty

If you have enough time to spare during your first day at work, then you can do your own nail art using a quick-dry nail polish. With this, you can already go straight to work wearing those cute nail art.

  1. TUESDAY: Adopt an Animal

Planning to leave office early? Then spend some time visiting a shelter for stray pets. Well, who knows? You might get to meet the fluffiest love of your life. If you’re allergic to animals, or is simply not fond of them, buy a small potted plant instead. That way, you get to learn to be responsible by taking care of these living things.

  1. WEDNESDAY: Go Window Shopping

What better way to relieve all your stress at work than indulging in an after-work window shopping at a nearby mall. Not only is this a cheap way to unwind, you also get to check on some items that you may buy on your next payday.


  1. THURSDAY: Try a New Route to Work

If you’re about an hour early for work, then try taking a new route to your work. Doing this will help take your mind off all your stresses and worries at work, and keep you focused on what’s really happening in the present.

  1. FRIDAY: Sell Your Stuff Online

Since you’re not too busy, try selling some of your old toy collections online, and be creative in writing your description and RFS (Reason for Selling) to entice your potential customers.

  1. SATURDAY: Send a Feedback to an Editor

Read some fine article lately? Then take a few minutes to write down a feedback about it and send it to your favourite magazine or website. You might even get to see your name on their next issue, as a bonus.

  1. SUNDAY: Hide or Bury Your Time Capsule

One good throwback is to keep some memorabilia this year and stow it away. If you find burying a little too dramatic, tape it up under your bed and vow to never open it until after a couple of years.

Instead of just sitting and blankly staring on the wall during your free time, do any of these activities and be productive even as you chill out.


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Different Attitudes of Train Passengers

Nov 09

There are so many things that could happen inside the train and the most common scenario that would take place is the misunderstanding of the passengers which would also make the other commuters get angry. Moreover, there are calm passengers that do not care about anything that might happen inside the train.


1. The Genius – He may not be a weirdo with a glasses on his eyes but he is a person that you might see studying. Sometimes, they might wear headphones and listen to music. They might not annoy you but when the time they murmur words from their mouth, that will be the time that you will be displeased.

2. The Model – They are called “the model” because they are doing makeover every hour of the day. They are the type of passenger that do not care about anyone as long as they perfect their make-up.


3. The Manager – It seems like a manager has taken the train seat rather than riding in his own or company vehicle. This passenger maybe a manager because he’s a talking loudly on his phone like he’s on his office. Annoying isn’t it?

4. The Talker – Who knows about the talker? Probably, you’ll think that this is the one that talks a lot on the train. Yes, it’s correct. Sometimes, they are funny but most of the time they are disturbing. Imagine your trip with someone who talks much. Can you concentrate?


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4 Characters that You See in a Bus

Nov 06

Most of the time, people do not care about each other in the bus. All of them are busy. They just mind about themselves without knowing that they are unconsciously thinking about the person they said they don’t mind. However, sometimes many individuals easily share something or perhaps talk about anything that they have in common. It can also be their experiences in life.


1. Shy but Easy to Talk To – There are different people inside a bus and it varies from time to time. There are jolly people and there are shy ones. The jolly ones are the easy type of people to talk to while shy people are hard to talk. However, there are shy individuals who are easy to talk especially when you get close to them.

2. The Angry Bird – These are the type of people who are just angry about anything and they have brought it in the bus. Even though you do not know about what happened, you still know it on his face that there is something that happened.


3. The “Mr. Bean” – They are almost the same with the TV character “Mr. Bean.” You can easily notice them because they act differently. However, they have distinctions from the TV character because you will see them act like they seem to have a problem with anybody.

4. The Liar – You may not see them but when you have a feeling that he’s close to you, just remain calm and do not run.


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Full Moon Party

Apr 10

If you are a party animal, the Full Moon Party should never be missed. What is about this party that draws many people? The pull is attributed to the moon and the beach. Tourists come to Koh Phanga in Thailand to join other 10000 to 30000 party-goers. The next party is scheduled on February 15, 2014.

beach party

Here are the things that you should expect during the party:

  • Description: The Full Moon Party is held every month. The party will begin at dusk and it will end at dawn. The yellow moon seems to give energy to people as it appears over the white beach. At dusk, tables will be lined up with lit lamps. The sight is simply overwhelming and breath-taking.
  • All-Night Beach Party: All throughout the night, expect dancing. DJ’s will play for everyone from techno, bass, drum and many more. Apart from the dancing, you should expect overflowing alcohol, jugglers, fire shows and firework displays. The atmosphere will be perfect.
  • Safety: Do not worry about the safety of the party. Though drugs are prevalent, there are laws and police enforcements that are strictly implemented. The presence of uniformed and undercover police will surely appease you.
  • Planning: Expect that hotels are fully booked during this time. It is advisable that you book beforehand. From the hotels, there will be a local transport that will bring the party-goers to the party area. The entrance fee costs 100 baht/person. If you are thinking about the transportation, it costs about 300 to 600 baht.

What are you waiting for? Better book your travel to Koh Phanga and bring your friends with you. If you cannot make it on February 15, you have another chance on March or April.



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Delectable Treats for Foreigners

Nov 10

Now, let’s talk about that four-letter word that all of us crave for every day of our lives. It’s something that any person in the world recognizes. It’s something that has kept the human race in existence. Have you guessed it already? If you answered love, well, sorry but that’s not the word I’m looking for. I’m talking about FOOD.

But food isn’t only meant to sustain us; it’s also something that gives identity to a country. For example, when you say America, you’d think of burgers; when you say Italy, you’d think of pizza or pasta; when you say China, its noodles; and when you say Singapore, what do you actually think of?


Well, most Singaporeans consider chicken rice as their national dish. As the name implies, it is made of steamed or boiled chicken placed on top of oily rice, served with sliced cucumbers. But other than this, there are actually several foods that you should definitely try when in Singapore.

Craving for seafood? Chili crab is something that will truly make your mouth water and will leave your plate empty. It’s so sumptuous that you’d probably forget your poise when eating this.

How about an Asian version of the kebab? Have you ever had satay before? It’s marinated meat skewered on a thin bamboo stick or a stem of coconut leaves. The grilled meat itself is already delicious, but you should also try dipping it in the peanut sauce so that you’d get a lovely mixture of sweet and spicy.

These are just a few of the many other Singaporean dishes that are definitely a must-try. Once you’ve tried the array of dishes that Singapore has to offer, don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting more.

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