Ways to Achieve a Flatter Stomach in Just a Week

Sep 14

Being healthy is naturally a top priority. Developing visceral fats must be avoided if it can be. Visceral fats are basically the fats covering the inner organs in our body especially around the stomach or belly area. Sad to say, they are easy to develop and so hard to eliminate. We need to exercise a lot and be conscious of our diet. But if we have discipline in our food intake and diet, plus an hour or two of everyday exercise, a fit body can actually be achieved.

1. Watch your diet
Eat fruits and vegetables for fiber. This will help you move your bowels easily every day. There is a truth in the saying that people who don’t move their bowels everyday have unpleasant odor as they sweat. This could be because you have not moved your body waste and it returns to your system. So when you sweat, some of the odor surely comes out in your sweat glands.

You may want to add natural diuretics in your diet like Chamomile Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, ginger, pineapple, papaya and yogurts that contains probiotics.

You may also want to reduce your rice and carbohydrates consumption into smaller amounts. Also, try eating small frequent meals. Keep with you crackers if you feel you are hungry in between meals.

2. Drink plenty of water
This is to flush out excess water and food you have taken. This is also part of cleansing your body system. If you’re not fond of drinking water regularly, there’s a tendency for the high-sodium food to be crystalized and will lodge like stones in your body organs. Water is also an effective beauty tip as this helps our body be naturally hydrated. Thus making our skin lustrous, glowing and healthy.

3. Avoid Soda
Sodas are carbonated drinks. There is more damage than benefit done in our system when we drink sodas. The carbon dioxide from those drinks makes you expand thus making feel bloated. Sodas are also a red flag as it contains sugar which is unhealthy and just making you fat.

4. Exercise
Make your exercise regular by establishing a routine that works for you. Thirty minutes to one hour every morning upon waking up will do you good. When going to the office or an appointment, be early and take the stairs if you can for more exercises for the day. It also helps your heart and blood circulation to be healthy.

5. Avoid too much salt intake
The more salt or sodium that you have taken in your food will hold water in your body. You will feel bloated and may also cause other damages like kidney diseases later. It’s also beneficial to avoid eating too much junk foods. Junk foods are what they are: junk.

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