Financial Considerations in Getting Married

Nov 28

Starting a family is never easy but it is all worth it. This is true for Hafiz (not his true name), a technician. He spent 3 years to save up S$10,000 for his ideal wedding but unfortunately, he miscalculated. It took him a total of S$25,000. This debt was finally settled after two years together with the help of his parents.


Budgeting the Wedding

This goes to show that wedding ceremonies cost too much. Unless you have many to spare, you will not encounter any difficulties before and after the wedding. Sometimes, due to financial troubles, marriages are breaking apart. The disintegration of the marriage alarmed the Ministry of Social and Family Development. With that, the Ministry thought about Marriage Preparation Course. This course seeks to educate and raise the awareness of the couple so they will not encounter any troubles before and after their wedding. Here are some components of the course:

Financial Planning

When you are thinking about getting married, the first thought should be the budget. Whether you want a simple wedding or an extravagant one, costs will be present. If you do not want to get into any debts especially that you are starting your family, financial planning is a must. You will learn many things about it. You will be taught how to maximize your money.



If you are done with the financial planning, it is time to make things happen. Organizing the wedding is crucial for its success. No matter how you plan your finances, if you do not know what you are doing, it will surely fail. You will be taught how to make preparations for your wedding so it would be easier and better for you. Good luck on your weddings!

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Running Man

Nov 26

Are you a fan of Running Man? Running Man is a South Korean variety show that attracted many audiences not only in South Korea but also here in Singapore and around Asia. The show is televised in SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). The show was initially aired on 11 July 2010. This is famous because it is the first ‘urban action” variety show. It concentrates on urban environment.

Experts and fans would say that the show is successful because of four components:


1. Unpredictability

There are shows that you can predict the ending. Running Man is different. The skit is constantly different with many twists and unconventional ideas. Many people appreciate its unpredictability. Its unpredictability stirs the mind of the viewers.

2. Comedy

The whole program carries that lightness. There are some episodes and missions that are funny and entertaining. People these days look for that. There is no doubt that the celebrities, casts and the crew do their best to entertain the viewers.

3. Celebrity Guests

Many people expect to see their celebrity idols in the show. This makes the show interesting. There are many celebrities and guests who joined the show. Some guests last for a long time. For example, Lizzy who is thought to be a cast turned out to be a long time guest after all.

4. Cast Chemistry

Current casts include Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo. Running Man is appealing because of the cast’s chemistry. The casts seem to work harmoniously to give people fun and entertainment.

Proof of how successful Running Man is its numerous awards. The show received numerous awards from its beginning. If you are not yet a fan, try to watch at least one episode so you will understand why many people go gaga over it.

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Typical Reasons Why People Add Strangers on Facebook

Nov 07

A software company in Singapore conducted a survey, to know how many Singaporean Facebook users are willing to add people who they really don’t know. The results revealed that more than half of them were okay at befriending a complete stranger on Facebook.

This survey’s result isn’t a big surprise for most users of the social networking giant. People in this generation are more adventurous and insistent in terms of having friends. They are publicly open for anything as long as they are into it. Although this sounds like keeping up with the beat, they still have to take this in a cautious manner.


Here are the three typical reasons why people add strangers on Facebook:

1. To gain more friends. Some people are just naturally friendly. They just want to be friends with people who they can talk to or can personally hang out with. But there are also some people who just want to be known as the “Mr. and Ms. Popular”, who base their popularity in the number of friends they have on Facebook.

2. To seek a future partner. Some people add a stranger, who they think have the potential to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. Someone who they can really date in the future. Usually people use to randomly add good-looking guys and gorgeous girls, whatever and whoever they are. And of course (in reality), who will not accept a friend request from someone so pretty and handsome? That’s really hard to turn down.

3. To make a business. Some people add strangers on Facebook because of they are selling a certain products or they are providing certain services. It’s a marketing strategy to attract clients and for the business to be known.

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Where Your Singapore Tourist Pass Can Take You

Jul 29

The Singapore Tourist Pass, a special EZ-Link card, is a must-have when you visit the city. This card entitles you to an unlimited ride on the city’s MRT, LRT, and bus services. Priced at $10 (one day), $16 (two days), and $20 (three days), you can discover and explore many places of interest in this tourist paradise.


Arts, Culture, and Heritage

Purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass, and you can learn more about Singapore’s history and even Asia’s. You can visit the Asian Civilizations Museum, National History Museum, and the Singapore Art Museum. Furthermore, you can go to ArtScience Museum and to The Esplanade—Theaters on the Bay.

Garden and Nature

For nature lovers, you can take a tour to Singapore Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, and MacRitchie Nature Trail at MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Upon visiting these wonderful places, you can say to yourself that, indeed, Singapore has lived up to its fame as a “Garden City”.

Wine and Chill

Everyone loves entertainment, and Singapore has a lot of places to keep you entertained. You can check out Zouk for matchless entertainment. Or if you want, you can head to St James Power Station, a massive entertainment complex that is home to different venues catering to different music genres.

Shopping Places

Singapore is a perfect place for shopaholics. You can absolutely enjoy shopping at Orchard Road Shopping Belt, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City, Takashimaya Shopping Center, and Mustafa Center.

Food Centers

When it comes to dining, Singapore’s best offering to the world is probably hawker centers where people can enjoy a full meal of delectable street foods for about five dollars. You can have food trips in Newton Hawker Center and Lau Pa Sat Festival Market.

More Exciting Attractions

For more places of interest, you can explore the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, and the ever-famous Sentosa.

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How to Enjoy Your First Art Fair Experience

Jul 26

Is it your first time to go to an art fair? Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of your first experience.


Grab a Guide

Usually in art fairs, there are handouts or leaflets to serve as a guide for visitors. Make sure you grab one so you can learn about the floor plan, different sections, and other interesting information about the art fair. Furthermore, you may also make use of this piece of paper for your notes.

Ask Questions

Visiting an art fair exercises your communication skills. When you get infatuated with a particular artwork, your experience will be a whole lot more fulfilling if you dig deeper for more information about the artwork. Chat with the gallerist and ask questions beyond what your eyes can see.

Take Time

Art fairs are usually full to the brim with different masterpieces, from paintings to sculptures and other forms of visual arts. They cover a huge area, and it requires a lot of walking for you to see all of them. Make sure you take time in appreciating every art. Don’t rush from one section to another.

Bring a Friend

Any activity that is done with a friend usually becomes more fun. It will be better if you have the company of a friend who also appreciates art. This way, you can talk about what you see and exchange ideas to help you appreciate the artworks even more.

Feel the Art

Art fairs are a good source of exclusive decorations for your home. Before you buy an art, feel it. Only buy a piece of art that you feel a strong connection to. It should suit your personal taste that you know you will delight in seeing that piece of art day in and day out.

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Where to Eat the Best Filipino Foods in SG

Jul 19

Filipino cuisine is colourful and exciting. If you are a Filipino working in Singapore, you should head to the best Filipino restaurants in town. Your longing for home will surely be lessened. Filipinos not only enjoy and love the cuisine but also locals and other tourists.

Whether you crave for Filipino dishes or you simply want to try, here’s a list of the best Filipino restaurants in Singapore:


Bonifacio Restaurant

Bonifacio Restaurant is located in Kreta Ayer Road Chinatown. The restaurant is famous because of celebrities and famous personalities who dined there. Filipinos can bring their non Filipino friends to enjoy the cuisine. They also offer catering services and functions for different occasions. You must try their Kaldereta, Tokwa, Pork Barbeque, Milkfish belly, Daing na Bangus and many more. The price ranges from S$11 to S$20. They are open from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm every Tuesday to Sunday.

Mang Kiko’s

Mang Kiko’s is located in Somerset Youth Park, Lucky Plaza, Lau Pa Sat and Makansutra. It is only a stall that serves the best Filipino barbeque. They also offer roast pork or commonly called Lechon in the Philippines. They have roasted chicken, sisig and pork belly. The price ranges from S$6 to S$10. The stall opens daily from 11:30am to 11pm.

7,107 Flavours Restaurant

7,107 Flavours Restaurant is located in Neil Road. It is a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant serves more than food because it also feeds the customers ideas about the Philippines. You must try their Lechon de leche, Nilasing na Sugpo, Sinigang, Adobong baboy, Kare-kare and many more. The price for every meal is more or less S$40. They are open from Monday-Saturday (11:30am to 11:30pm) and Sunday (11am to 11pm).

Gerry’s Grill

Gerry’s Grill is located in Starhub centre, Marina Bay Sands food court and Makansutra Glutton’s Bay. The grill is famous because of excellent foods at reasonable prices. You should try calamari, garlic rice, sisig, crispy pata, kare-kare, sinigang and many more. The price ranges from S$21 to S$30. The store is open from 12noon to 10pm daily.

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