5 Ways to Find Your Next Job

Sep 14

Every year graduates flock from different school, each one seeking for jobs. If you are a fresh graduate or maybe just wanting some fresh perspective from another job, looking through ads has a slim chance of finding a good one.

Nowadays, it’s a normal trend to find competition among job seekers a bit higher than they did a few years back. But keep a positive outlook in life since there are still effective ways to land a good one. Start updating your curriculum vitae and don’t forget to indicate what makes you special. After that, you’re good to go for the job hunt.

1. Attend job fairs and events
If you have written your resume and profile with extra care, there are chances that you may be hired on the spot. Big companies attend these kinds of events as well as charities and professional organizations. Prepare a generous number of copies of your CV and during the event, hand it over to employers whom you think will consider hiring you depending on your qualifications.

2. Connect with alumni
Join meetings or gatherings in your area or region. Having a common vision, the same values, the same hobbies or having gone to the same school is a solid approach or even better if these are in your industry.

3. Enlarge your network
Meet people. Have an activity. Everybody knows somebody. Touch base with these people. Connect with old buddies and friends. You may want to buy them a cup of coffee sometime and just brainstorm. They may know somebody that you might want to meet later. Identify a number of most influential people in your network and meet with them. Ask for referrals. In a week, meet with three new referred friends of your circle.

4. Check job bulletins
In most government offices for example, they do display their vacancies either outside their offices in a board or at their websites. Define the top job openings for your skills, talents and qualifications. Update your resume. Indicate your skill and specialty.

5. Get references
If you happen to know somebody in a high ranking position in a good company or even your head of school if you are a fresh graduate, it is wise to ask them to refer you to a company of your choice where you intend to apply. Whether we accept it or not, sometimes whom we know makes a difference nowadays plus of course the skills we have.
These are but a few ways to help you get ahead of your job-hunting game. It’s always best to prepare yourself for the tedious job-hunting process but don’t fret; there’s always a good company just waiting for your application.

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