Simple or Complex – What Accounting Software Is Best For Small Business?

Jan 14

Most people in Singapore think that all accounting software designed for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) are the same, which is a completely false notion. There are many different accounting software products in the market especially designed to cater special needs of different SME businesses. These software products come in different prices and their own set of pros and cons. Before deciding on the type of software to use, identify first your type of business and the varieties of accounting applications available. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision that will greatly benefit your company in the long run.


1. Small Business

Small businesses are SME business that have just started out, freelancers or businesses with relatively small revenue. Most owners of small businesses in Singapore concentrate more on all capital expenditure and make sure that the expenses are driven towards the growth of the business. The goal of small-sized businesses is to achieve sustainable income for the growth of the company.

2. Medium Business

These businesses are a bit larger SME. They have achieved enough growth and have more sustainable income compared to small businesses. Most medium businesses can already afford to hire a number of employees to facilitate operations. This type of business is looking for ways to develop a more structured financial management  by using accounting software from Singapore and a better way of monitoring profits and expenses as the business grows.


3. Enterprise Businesses

This is the largest SME business type and the most successful of the three. Businesses of this type have fully grown in structure, size, and operational complexity. There are now different departments, bigger profits, and larger number of employees to handle. With all these things to handle in an SME business, it is expected to have increased requirements for both financial and operational support. Larger and more complex accounting software can effectively cater to these demands.

With the aforementioned types of businesses, it just shows how hard it is to choose any generic small business accounting software to cater the different needs of different business scales. For this reason, one should know the difference of the two main kinds of accounting software that exists for SME businesses.


1. Bookkeeping Software

This accounting software is perfect for businesses that simply aim to manage their incomes and expenses in an organized manner. This enables business owners to encode essential information, such as purchase expenses, sales income and bank transactions. These basic accounting tasks can already manage an SME business, make owners monitor their financial position, and understand end year reports.


2. Sophisticated Accounting Software

Enterprise small businesses demand more tasks than simply monitoring the operations. Because there’s more operational complexity, this software features functions like fixed assets registers, payroll, job and stock control. All of these features aid enterprise small businesses to better manage their business by providing support, taking control of their assets, and managing human resources effectively. These features don’t only enable effective management, but also drive efficiency within the business.

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Understanding Art Galleries in Singapore

Jan 26

Art gallery is a place where art carnival takes place, usually imaged art. In an art museum people from different place brings their art and gives for exhibition. Art galleries can be private or public as well. The most common art to be displayed in a gallery or museum are painting, textile, sculpture, books, furniture, decorative arts, handmade crafts etc. art galleries are not just confined to these arts, it can also be used to flourish some artistic activities like dance, music al session etc. An art gallery is normally of two types, private and public. Public galleries are normally for displaying of arts of both the modern and historical arts of previous centuries. It is a non-profitable gallery, specially hosted for art lovers. It is normally a medium to connect any community. Private galleries like art gallery in Singapore are specially used for commercial purpose i.e. to sell the art to the people. All kinds of affordable art will be available in this museum. As the name defines private museums are owned by a single individual, where the owner displays his own arts for sale. In both the cases arts are often borrowed even from outsiders.

Oil painting:
Oil painting is a method of painting with colours that are fluorescent in nature which is done by using a special type of oil known as drying oil (which gets hard after drying). Oil painting was first used in the 5th century by the painters of India and china for Buddhist painting. It became popular after the 15th century, and after that it became the principle of understanding, the medium for making art crafts. Techniques for oil painting: the first step of the artist is to make a sketch with the charcoal. Oil painting often showcased in any art gallery comprises the use of oil paint which is mixed with spirit, linseed oil to make it thinner. More oil is used in the upper layer than the lower one to let the paint dry faster.

Singapore Art Museum:
In august 2012 “art gardens” is going to be held for the third time in Singapore this gallery is mainly focusing on to appeal today’s generation as well as the next generation art lovers. It is the only art show which is applicable for children also. Short films as well as animated films made by the young students will be screened in this art gallery. All kinds of affordable art will be available in this museum.

In 2015 “National Art Gallery” is going to be held at Downtown Core, Singapore. It includes two national monuments which are the “Old Supreme Court Building” and the “City Hall”. It is held to forecast the official launch of the two buildings.

Significance of art gallery:
Art gallery is a platform to showcase or advertise or demonstrate the history of any country’s culture. It gives the idea of the evolution of the country. Not only has that it also given the idea of the divergence, ancestry, and belief etc. of the country. Any art gallery in Singapore shows the achievements, deviation, technical improvement, social development, progress of the country.
Nowadays online art galleries are also available where one can preview their art through internet, on the particular websites. It has been examined that today there is a huge increase of online sales of art especially myriad oil painting randomly drawn.

Understanding the Need for an art gallery:
• It aims to forecast the art, heritage and culture of Singapore through the help of media.
• It also aims to show its connection with the cultures of the countries of south East Asia.
• It will be a media through which it can explore its culture and exchange knowledge with the other countries.
• It will provide a platform for the artists to explore their art and hobbyists or dealers can buy affordable art.
• It will be an occasion to celebrate, enjoy, learn, and flourish and enrichment for the visitors of Singapore.

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