4 Characters that You See in a Bus

Nov 06

Most of the time, people do not care about each other in the bus. All of them are busy. They just mind about themselves without knowing that they are unconsciously thinking about the person they said they don’t mind. However, sometimes many individuals easily share something or perhaps talk about anything that they have in common. It can also be their experiences in life.


1. Shy but Easy to Talk To – There are different people inside a bus and it varies from time to time. There are jolly people and there are shy ones. The jolly ones are the easy type of people to talk to while shy people are hard to talk. However, there are shy individuals who are easy to talk especially when you get close to them.

2. The Angry Bird – These are the type of people who are just angry about anything and they have brought it in the bus. Even though you do not know about what happened, you still know it on his face that there is something that happened.


3. The “Mr. Bean” – They are almost the same with the TV character “Mr. Bean.” You can easily notice them because they act differently. However, they have distinctions from the TV character because you will see them act like they seem to have a problem with anybody.

4. The Liar – You may not see them but when you have a feeling that he’s close to you, just remain calm and do not run.


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