Getting that Bikini Body

Aug 05

You look beautiful just the way you are but there is nothing wrong if you aspire for that bikini body. Summer is in place and what is the coolest thing to do? Take a plunge in the waters and enjoy its coolness. Here in Singapore, there’s the beach and swimming pool. You only need to choose.


The heat is sometimes intolerable. If it is possible, we only stay indoors to keep away from the sun but where is the fun in it? Going to the pool or beach is refreshing and fun. If you are particular about wearing the right attire, you are worried about your body. As much as possible, you want a bikini body. Singaporean women want this.

You should know that achieving that bikini body will take a lot of dedication and hard work. A month or two months before the summer season, you have to start so when the time comes, you are ready to flaunt all your hard work. Here are some things that you can consider:

  • Set goals: You want to have a bikini body. That is not everything about setting goals. You need to identify where you want to improve. If you really want, you van weight and get measurements. You can even take a picture of your before body so you will see the difference in the future. These things are part of setting the goals.
  • Eating healthily: You have to eat healthy to lose all that unwanted weight. You should particularly reduce your calorie intake. If you can, change your diet and opt for healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Do not forget about the water intake. Drink at least eight or more glasses of water every day.


  • Exercise: Diet alone cannot give you a bikini body. You also need to sweat it out. Exercise is an important component. You have to do at least thirty minutes of cardio exercises for three to five times per week. You can go biking, swimming or running if you like. You can hit the gym if you want to seek professional training. Exercise will shape or tone your body.
  • Stay motivated: Achieving a bikini body is not easy as it looks like. It is therefore important that you stay motivated no matter what happens. Find your motivation and make sure to hold unto it.

Going to the pool or beach is a nice bonding experience so why don’t you bring along your friends and family? They will surely appreciate it. Achieving a bikini body is not easy but if you think that you can do it, everything will follow. Do not be afraid to eat healthy and exercise. Maintaining your body is not easy but if you are used to it, it will become a habit. It will then be easier.


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