Different Attitudes of Train Passengers

Nov 09

There are so many things that could happen inside the train and the most common scenario that would take place is the misunderstanding of the passengers which would also make the other commuters get angry. Moreover, there are calm passengers that do not care about anything that might happen inside the train.


1. The Genius – He may not be a weirdo with a glasses on his eyes but he is a person that you might see studying. Sometimes, they might wear headphones and listen to music. They might not annoy you but when the time they murmur words from their mouth, that will be the time that you will be displeased.

2. The Model – They are called “the model” because they are doing makeover every hour of the day. They are the type of passenger that do not care about anyone as long as they perfect their make-up.


3. The Manager – It seems like a manager has taken the train seat rather than riding in his own or company vehicle. This passenger maybe a manager because he’s a talking loudly on his phone like he’s on his office. Annoying isn’t it?

4. The Talker – Who knows about the talker? Probably, you’ll think that this is the one that talks a lot on the train. Yes, it’s correct. Sometimes, they are funny but most of the time they are disturbing. Imagine your trip with someone who talks much. Can you concentrate?


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