Finding a Good Air Con Repair Contractor

Feb 01

In Singapore, you can buy quality air con units at an affordable price. And more and more people are deciding to install a few units in their apartments and homes because the weather can really get hot most of the time.

But much is required to keep your air con units operating in an efficient manner. As much as you practice air con maintenance, your unit will still slowly deteriorate over time with continuous usage. And for that, you will need it to undergo air con maintainance.

To somehow help lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit, working with experienced aircon technicians like aircon master Singapore is necessary. Here are some helpful tips and information to guide you when finding a good air con services contractor.

Personal Recommendations

Aside from searching in newspapers and different ads in Singapore for an air con contractor, you can ask your family members and friends for any advisable air con maintenance contractors in your locale, preferably someone or a company they have contacted and worked with before. It will also be helpful to you if you ask a recommendation from someone who has had the similar problem with yours. Ask him or her who was able to solve the problem and get the contact information of the person or company. Furthermore, ask if he or she was satisfied with the service and if there was no need for return trips or for another contractor to identify and fix the problems.

Online Review Sites

To lengthen your recommendation list of air con services contractors, you can make a research in online review sites for more suggestions. You can also check and verify online the service quality of the air con service companies personally recommended by your family members and friends. Oftentimes, previous customers will share to the online world their experience with a particular contractor that, for them, has a satisfactory service. And from those online reviews, you can gather useful information that will help you narrow down your list of air con service contractors.

Making Calls

Now that you have narrowed down your list, choose the top 5 among the remaining people or companies and give them a call. When contacting them for the first time, it would be better if you would be able to ask for some references—their previous or present clients. Contact the references and ask them about their experiences dealing with the air con repair contractor. After which, call your top 5 choices once more and ask further detailed questions to help conclude their knowledge and experience. Keep in mind that someone with more experience is the better option.

Price Offer

Right now, you should be able to narrow down your list further, perhaps your top 3 choices. Once you have identified who they are, ask them for a price offer. Professionals from in Singapore will be able to provide you with reasonable prices according to the job you need. Their price bid covers all necessary equipment and no hidden additional fees. Don’t forget to ask about warranties as well. Keep in mind that it is not always about getting the lowest-priced bid, but the most complete and most transparent bid.

Before closing the deal, make sure that your ultimate choice will always be available should you need help in air con services maintenance and air con repair.

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