Top Health Issues Your Man Should Know About

Nov 29


Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor’s office and ignoring common health symptoms. While this way of thinking could work on some health problems, there are certain medical issues that require professional help. What may seem like a normal problem to your guy could already be a sign of a more serious health condition. For this reason, we listed down some of the top health issues that you should make your man aware of.


  1. Prostate Cancer

One in every eight men will develop prostate cancer. One study even revealed that one man dies from prostate cancer every hour, resulting to 42,000 men deaths from the disease each year. The older a guy gets, the more likely he is to be diagnosed with the illness, and more so if he has a family history of the said disease. This is why at age 50, encourage your man to undergo a PSA test. Detecting the illness early on gives them a 98 percent chance of surviving beyond five years – but this decreases to 26 percent when detected late.

  1. Testicular Cancer

This is the most common form of cancer developed by men in ages 25 to 49 years old. This equates to six men being diagnosed with testicular cancer each day, and this rate continues to double per year. So encourage your father, brother, boyfriend or any other men close to you who are in that age bracket to check their testicles regularly, know what’s normal and visit the doctor if they happen to notice any changes in their nuts. Some of the changes he should be wary of include lumps, swelling or any noticeable changes in the size, shape or heaviness of his testes.


  1. Skin Cancer

Check his freckles, moles or any other spots on his body for any unusual changes from day to day, especially if he’s constantly exposed in the sun. A quick Google search will show you what signs you should be looking for, such as red nodules, scaly growths, or sores that don’t heal, and it’ll take less than seven minutes to check him and ensure that everything is okay. So educate him about what is and what isn’t normal with his skin’s health.

  1. Mental Health

With a study showing that 78 percent of all suicides are committed by men, being aware of the scale of mental health issues in the male population is of high importance. Having mental health problems can significantly impact the lives of men in terms of their relationship with their family, partner and the community as a whole. So if you notice that your man is struggling, do let him know that you – along with his family and friends – are always there to support him, because spending some time with your guy can be lifesaving.

Raising your guy’s awareness about these illnesses can be a real lifesaver for him. So ensure that you inform and encourage him to undergo all the necessary tests to monitor, as well as to keep his health in tip-top shape.


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