Dealing with Flu

Jun 27

Getting sick is part of life. It makes us normal. Though we can avoid any sickness, there will come a time that our defences will weaken. When this happens, we should know basic remedies and treatments to hasten our recovery. If in this case we are suffering from flu, we should keep in mind the following remedies or treatments:


Get plenty of sleep

When we are sick, the basic thing to do is rest and sleep until we feel rejuvenated and new. Some people never consider rest and sleep because they have many things to do. It will not be a waste of time if we give our body a moment to recuperate. We should be reminded that if we don’t rest and sleep, everything will worsen.

Drink a lot of liquid

We should drink plenty of liquid like water and fruit juices. We need to avoid carbonated drinks.

Look for a cloth

If our flu is associated with fever, we should look for a cloth and wash it. After that, we should put the cool and damp cloth on our forehead to reduce the fever. Covering a blanket can help.

To further treat fever, we can choose to take medications like Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin and many others.

Use humidifiers

If flu is associated with difficulty in breathing, we should use humidifiers. We can also consider over the counter ointments like VapoRub.

Use expectorants

If it is associated with cough, we should purchase expectorants that can help loosen mucus or phlegm that way it will be easier to spit.

If the flu, fever and cough persevere for a long time, it is recommended to see the doctor.

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