Tips On Reducing Eye Strain

Mar 29


Singapore is a beautiful country and witnessing its splendour is the best sight. Your eye is important because it lets you see and appreciate the world that you live in. However, there are activities that strain your eyes. These activities cause discomfort and at some point pain – this is called eye strain. There are many causes of eye strain like computer screens, viewing angle, strain and many more.

Knowing this, it is crucial that you know how to reduce eye strain regardless of the cause or the source. While it is not serious, you have to reduce or soothe the eyes .When it becomes serious, it will lead to long term headaches and myopia. Now it is time that you know things to reduce eye strain. Here are some:

  • Take your break: Sometimes you want to finish early thus you do not indulge yourself to any long breaks. That is understandable but you have to give more concern to your eyes now more than ever. The best way to reduce strain is to minimize its use. Though it is difficult, you have to at least take your break and relax the eye muscles. Aside from these breaks, you should also shift your focus from near to far objects (at least twenty feet away) every now and then.


  • Lessen glare: This is something that you can control. Controlling the glare can help the eyes. Start with your computer monitor. Install an anti-glare screen so it will filter direct glare. Moving on, if you have money, switch to flat screen because they are not that reflective compared to the old ones. When you read something, it is better to read it from paper instead of a screen.

  • Regulate contrast: Contrast is helpful. Enough contrast has the power to make the edges noticeable so the eyes do not need to focus much. If the contrast is too much, it can strain the eyes through the peripheral vision. To help you with the contrast, use polarized sunglasses.


  • Adjust color: If you use monitors most of the time, you have to adjust the color as well. The best thing to do is to utilize full spectrum lighting.


  • Fortify your eyes: Eye strain is the result of hurting eye muscle. You can fortify your eyes through series of eye exercises. Eye exercises will surely prevent long-time eye strain. Ask your doctor about this for more information.


You only need to implement these things if you are serious about reducing the occurrence of eye strain. Yes you cannot just abandon your work but at least do something to protect your overall health staring with your eyes.

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