The 9 Most Common Skin Disorders

May 09

Wrinkles and dark spots aren’t the only things you should worry about. A lot of people suffer from different skin conditions. Some are manageable and don’t cause any adverse health problems but you shouldn’t ignore it either.


Acne isn’t necessarily caused by unhygienic practices. In most cases, genes are to blame. Whether you have blackheads or painful nodules, acne should be treated because it can leave blemishes on the skin that are difficult to remove. Treatment is based on the severity of the acne.


Warts are pretty much harmless because they’re not cancerous, but the virus can be contagious. These are growths on the skin caused by a virus. They disappear after a while, but if you feel pain or if more warts appear on your skin, you should visit the doctor. Just remember though that wart virus can’t be cured.


Eczema are itchy, weeping blisters on the skin that later become crusty. It is caused by 11 different skin conditions but more commonly by atopic dermatitis. To treat the condition, the doctor has to determine what’s causing it. Severe eczema will need corticosteroids, hydrocortisone or antihistamines.

Diaper Rash

These are red, irritated spots or patches that can be warm when touched. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your baby has a diaper rash. It’s quite common especially among younger infants who can’t be potty trained yet. Keep the baby’s diaper clean and dry and change it as often as it should.


Hives or urticaria are itchy bumps that are common among people with skin and food allergies. There is no treatment for the hives, but you can manage the reaction by taking antihistamines. Avoid possible triggers like food, pollen, some physical stimuli and medications that cause hives.


This diseases affects the life cycle of your skin cells which results to scaly, itchy and painful thick patches on the skin. Unfortunately there is no cure for psoriasis, but the treatment targets the speed of skin cell growth. Treatments include prescription drugs, phototherapy and topicals.


It is a fungal infection of the skin called dermatophytosis. These appear as red patches on the skin and can affect a lot of areas. It also means that it can be transmitted to other people. Ketoconazole is prescribed for patients. Usually topical treatments and over-the-counter medicine work in most cases.


Scabies is caused by the scabies mite which burrows into the skin, making it itch. It is infectious and can be transmitted through physical contact. It is treated with a permethrin cream or malathion lotion. If there are other people living at home with you, the others should also be treated simultaneously.

Razor Burn

This is common among men who shave. The person will be advised to stop shaving for a while. It can be prevented by replacing the razor blades regularly, applying moisturizer and reducing the frequency of shaving in a week. You can also use an electric shaver or a depilatory instead.

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