Teething Tots: 6 Effective Baby Teething Remedies

May 29

Teething is definitely one of the most dreadful ordeal that your baby can experience. The irritating achiness brought by this development might even be more painful for you, his caregiver, than for your little one. However, you don’t need to get so stressed out with the idea of teething as the following remedies will surely help you in easing the teething pain that your baby might be feeling.


  1. Gum Rub. Teething babies usually find it soothing when their gums are rubbed during this phase. So soothe your baby’s teething aches by gently rubbing his gums with your clean finger for a few minutes.
  1. Cold Washcloth. Most babies love gnawing on cold items especially when they’re teething, and a cold washcloth is the safest and best teething toy that you can provide your tot. Soothe them by placing a clean, wet washcloth in the chiller for about 15 minutes, then let your baby chew on it.
  1. Teething Toys and Rings. Rubber teething toys and rings come in all shapes and sizes. Some have bumps, while there are also some that needs to be filled with water that should be chilled in the freezer. If you don’t have enough budget purchase a teething toy, create a homemade teething toy by squeezing water into your child’s pacifier then chill it.


  1. Cold Food. If your baby is already old enough to eat solid foods, then gnawing on cold foods is perfect for him. Anything from frozen grapes, bananas, bagels, cold yogurt and applesauce will do the trick. Just place the food in a mesh feeder to ensure that your baby gets to chew on the cold food without swallowing some large pieces.
  1. Teething Biscuits. There are babies who love chewing cold food, but there are also those who don’t enjoy cold items. If your baby is the latter, you can still soothe his teething pains by giving him some hard teething biscuits. You can also opt for the solid foods offered by brands like Gerber, Healthy Time and Earth’s Best. Just make sure that your baby is already old enough to chew and eat solid foods.
  1. Pain Medication for Children. If all else fails, try using small doses of children’s pain reliever, such as infant Motrin or Tylenol. Just be sure to consult your paediatrician first before giving your baby an acetaminophen or any form of pain reliever.

With these effective teething remedies, you can now soothe the teething pains that your baby is feeling and give him a good rest especially at night.


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