Parenting 101: Infant Care Made Easy

Jan 30

Being a parent is a daunting task but if you know some tips, you can easily get through it. Good news for parents out there (or soon-to-be-parents), PA (People’s Association) will launch an online site where parents can get information from sterilizing bottles and utensils to changing diapers. The website will feature practices when it comes to infant care.


Apart from the normal infant care practices, the website will also include babysitting services as well as nearby paediatricians. The best part is that PA plans to perform workshops to furnish new parents (or soon-to-be-parents) with the necessary knowledge to deal with their infants. A helpline will also be established. This project will be completed next year. Meanwhile, you can just refer here:


You should know that babies do nothing except cry, sleep and eat. Do not forget to feed the baby. You will know when it is feeding time because the baby will cry. Regardless of your choice (breast milk or formula), it should be enough.


Changing Diapers

The baby needs to be cleaned every now and then. Even if they do not eat much, they still produce waste. Changing diapers should be learned. Changing diapers is not that hard if you follow the directions in the package or you can simply ask your mother to teach you.


Infants do not need bathing every day. It is good if you bathe your infant on alternate days. If he/she did not take a bath, you can simply wipe your infant with a clean and soft cloth. You have to deal with the infant’s umbilical cord. Every time you change diapers, you need to clean the surrounding of the cord.



When the baby is crying, it may mean two things: he/she is hungry or he/she is not comfortable. If they cry, the first thing that you need to do is feed them. If that does not help, you should check their diapers. If the crying persists, the baby might be in pain. You have to discover it. They will stop when they feel better. Do not forget about your doctor’s appointment.

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