How Service Maintenance Benefit Your Car

Aug 09

For many car owners in Singapore, vehicle maintenance is nothing more than the occasional oil change and filling up the fuel tank. If you think checking the car before a long drive is just a waste of time, you’re sorely mistaken.


Regular car maintenance will not only guarantee maximum vehicle performance, but also prevent major problems, breakdowns and expensive repairs. Even the smallest defect that’s left unattended can turn into a major problem, which consequently can bloat your car’s maintenance cost. If you’re still not convinced why regular maintenance is necessary, here are the benefits of routine car inspection for your car.

1. Better Reliability

All car owners expect their vehicle to deliver good performance whenever they drive it. One good way to keep your car in its best condition is to perform maintenance works at recommended intervals. Delaying your car’s maintenance by not going regularly to in Singapore drastically increases the possibility of you getting stranded on the road due to car breakdown. Timely tune-ups and regular oil changes can make a significant difference on the reliability of your vehicle.

2. Ensures Safety

Your safety is the main reason why you need to have your vehicle regularly checked in a car repair shop. Faulty breaks or improper wheel alignment decreases your car’s safety profile. When on the road, especially during long drives, it is critical to have every safety components of your car in check.

3. Decreases Repair Expenses

This may sound ironic, but getting regular check-ups can substantially help in decreasing repair costs of your car. Even though car maintenance often seem costly, over time, you’ll save much more compared to entirely skipping regular auto check-ups. Routine check-ups give your mechanic the opportunity to detect potential problems before it develops into more serious issues that could cost you more time and money later on.

4. Increases Value

The value of a car is determined by condition, age, and mileage. If you keep your car maintained, the value increases significantly. This is the best you can do if you’re planning of selling your car in the future. If your vehicle’s condition is at its best, you’ll get greater monetary value when selling or trading it.

5. Improved Fuel Economy

There are many ways that a regular visit to a car servicing shop helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your car’s fuel economy. For example, making sure that your tires are properly inflated prevents the vehicle from using unnecessary energy and fuel while on the road. Similarly, if the air filter is clogged or the fuel lines are leaking, the car’s fuel economy is affected negatively by up to 20 percent.

6. Extend Lifespan

The whole idea of car servicing is to prevent problems rather than repair. Routine check-ups of the tire pressure, fluid levels, lights, battery, and brakes will not only guarantee your safety but also extend the lifespan of your car. Consequently, this means that a well-maintained vehicle will serve you better.


7. Prevents Larger Problems

If left unattended, a minor issue can eventually escalate into a larger problem. For instance, let’s say your car has a small coolant leak because of a loose hose connection. If you don’t have your car checked regularly, you won’t know about this, and the hose may completely detach over time, resulting to your engine overheating easily overheating. Ignoring a minor engine problem like this could cause disastrous effects in the long run.

Tips for Car Servicing

If you’re already convinced to have your car routinely checked by a Singapore automotive shop, here are the car components that need extra attention during car servicing.

• Batteries: For newer car models, batteries may not need much attention; but for older ones, regular checking could be as often as twice a year. Regular maintenance is necessary for the battery to operate at its best and extend its life.

• Air Filters: Dust and dirt can easily build up in air filters and restrict the airflow to your vehicle’s engine. It’s advisable to replace your filters about every 24,000 miles or whenever you get your oil changed.

• Power Steering Fluid: Don’t skip checking the fluid level. This is to maintain proper lubrication and ensure smooth steering of the car. Refer to the user’s manual to know what fluid type is recommended by the manufacturer or talk to a car servicing professional, especially if you notice a resistance when using the steering wheel.

• Cambelt: Read your car manual to know when its cambelt should be replaced. (Typically, it’s every 75,000 miles for modern vehicles). Replacing the cambelt can be expensive, so you may be tempted to skip this. However, if your cambelt fails while you’re on the road, it could cause serious damage in the car’s engine, which can cost you more to repair than if you have just replaced the cambelt as advised.

• Dashboard Messages: Most cars today have dashboard warning lights, which lit-up when there are issues with the tire pressure, engine, and the braking system. If you see any of these warning signs light up, have it checked by a car repair expert right away. It could save you a hefty amount of money when you address the problem immediately.

Car maintenance benefits you in many ways. Nobody wants to get stuck somewhere because of a car breakdown and be late for a meeting or an important event. Likewise, nobody wants to take their car to an auto shop for a simple oil change and find out that they need to have their brake fluid, radiator, and filters replaced.

Regular maintenance lets you fix minor issues with your car, so there are no surprises that will break the bank later on. Show some love for your car and you will be rewarded with a comfortable and reliable ride for a much longer time.

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