5 Ways to Make Your Garage More Functional

Jun 24

Your garage is more than just a place to park your car. It’s your toy shop, warehouse, a workshop and possibly where you spend most of your spare time. These tips will help your garage to be more functional, so you can do everything you need to do in the space—including parking your car.

1. Organize Your Garage Into Zones

As mentioned, your garage has multiple uses and holds a variety of things. Divide your garage area into different zones, and it will be easier to find things when you need them, as well as you’ll have more room for your car.

2. Install Additional Outlets

Most garage only need one outlet, and that’s what most builders will give you—just one measly outlet for all your electrical tools. If you have wall studs, you can easily install wires and additional outlets. If your walls don’t have studs, you don’t have to cut into them. Instead, mount plastic or metal wiring channels and outlets on the wall.

3. Add a Space-Saving Workbench

If the space is small for your workbench and your car, you can either get a smaller car or build a folding workbench. The latter is more affordable, though, can be ready in just seconds and taking no space when not being used. The things you’ll need for this are a couple of door hinges, a few threaded flanges and pipes, some screws and a 2-by-4 piece of wood.

4. Add Overhead Shelves and Cabinets

If all your garage stuff are within reach, you are probably eating a lost of floor space. Overhead spaces may not be ideal storage area for often-used tools, but they are perfect for long-term storage. Cabinets and shelves near the ceiling hold a ton of seasonal things like camping gears and Christmas decorations.

5. Have Sufficient Lighting

Garage areas usually look dark and don’t have enough lighting. But if you do a lot of work here, make sure it allows you to easily do so with proper lighting. In terms of bang for the buck, fluorescent lights provide the best illumination for its price. Three strategically placed fixtures can provide all the lighting needed in an average sized garage space. Pay special attention to project areas and workbenches. Also, remember when placing lights, consider how your garage door opens and if it will affect illumination of the room.

Most garage areas are not just a place for parking cars; they often double as storage area for gardening and repair tools. If you have a garage at home, make sure it’s not a cluttered storehouse but an organized and functional space to work in.

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