Effective Tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Brows

Mar 14

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, the eyebrows serve as a big part of your overall look. A lot of makeup lovers not only make sure their eyebrows are properly trimmed, but also ensure they’re properly filled in. Getting your eyebrows done perfectly is no piece of cake after all. It requires practice and time, but after some time of doing it, you are likely bound to master the process by heart.

What makes fuller brows?
Beautifully arched and full brows are what’s popular among a lot of beauty gurus. Given a naturally full brows, you do not have to overwork them into achieving that perfectly styled look. You only have to fill in the gaps with brow powder or an eyebrow pencil.

Regardless, there is still a chance for you to achieve fuller brows even if your brows are sparse due to plucking or if you were born with naturally thin brows. This is what makes most makeup products a miracle-giver. The catch? You just have to master the proper application.

This is where the process might get tricky, though. You have to make sure the lines you draw aren’t too hard or obvious. You have to give your brows a soft look; even if you want to boldly fill them in due to their sparse appearance or heavily plucked condition. The thing is, they have to appear as natural as they could!

How to achieve the perfect brows
• Practice. There are different eyebrow arcs suited for respective face shapes. You have to do a little research and figure out the best arch for your own face. After that, allot time on practicing how to draw the shape. Filling in and drawing your brows are similar to that of painting/sketching on a canvas, so you have to be acquainted with the process. Keep it full by the nose and at the arch’s peak for an elegant result.

• Enhance the appearance. Make use of your concealer to highlight the shape of your brows. Dab a little amount on the brow bone to enhance the arch and the brows’ shape. By doing so, it also reveals the hair you missed when plucking. (Given you pluck your brows in trimming them!)

• Take your time. Mastering the perfect shape of your brows isn’t a piece of cake. You have to be patient while doing the process and keep going despite having frequent errors. Also, remember to brush your brows up before you begin drawing to make the task a little easier.

• Start from the center. In order to evenly distribute the brow powder, apply the majority of the product on the center of your brows first. This process is much better than starting heavy on the brows’ edges. From the center, work on consistently distributing the amount to the rest of the brows.

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