Tips on How to Nurture Your Well-Being Further

Aug 23

In a fast-paced world swarmed with deadlines and rush hours, there is almost no time to keep check of our holistic well-being. Most of us could not afford to bat an eye over our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health when we have other things we consider as priorities. What we don’t realize is that each is just equally important. In order for us to function fully and unleash our potentials, we also need to learn to kick it up a notch for our holistic health.

Louise Racine from Thirteen Moons Wellness gives five tips on to how we can step up our overall well-being. When we learn to be open to these things, we also learn to nurture ourselves better.

Stay open to possibilities
To live out our potentials require avenues to hone these passions to their fullest. When opportunities arrive our way, it is best that we continually stay open to doing them as well as learning from them. Even if they are outside our comfort zones, we need to learn how to brave through it. We never know how much we can learn about ourselves even from the simplest possibilities.

Push through fear
We all fear the unknown. If something happens to be completely unfamiliar to us, we instinctively cower away from it. Fear often fuels our resistance in trying out new things but when we manage to push through that barrier, we learn to build courage. We learn to be brave and stand on our own feet. We also gain confidence and a massive sense of self-belief.

Challenge self-imposed limits
All of us have activities we excel at, and activities where, well, we don’t. When we find ourselves not liking a certain activity, most of the times we begin to think we are not capable of doing it and thus find plenty of reasons not to take part in it. However, if we think beyond our self-imposed limitations, it can lead us to be strong.

Balance your brain
Sometimes we just need to challenge our thinking skills and general intellect. Engaging in activities that require the use of both sides of our brain can lead to impressive cognitive results like whole brain thinking, improved physical coordination, increased creativity, and a sharper intuition.

Care for your spiritual health
Spiritual health is often given the least priority compared to the other spheres of one’s well-being. We often overlook how important it is to connect with our selves, knowing what we like and dislike, or even connecting with each other and finding people who interest us or share our passions. Simple activities such as taking a walk in nature or setting aside time during the day for contemplation and prayer fills the heart with gratitude and in turn, makes yourself at ease.

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