Tips in Choosing the Best House Painting Colours

Oct 30

Choosing a house painting colour is crucial to every homeowner. You need to hire a painting services provider who can help you choose the right type and colour of house paints. Keep in mind that natural and artificial lights are the major factors in picking house painting colours. For countries like Singapore, it is much easier to pick painting hues because they only have to consider external light changes during summer and monsoon seasons. But if you want to explore more and be unique with your colour choices, might as well read the tips below to keep you guided in choosing the best house painting colours.

Choose the type of paint. Before choosing the colour, you have to decide first on what kind of paint you should have, like oil based paint, latex paint, flat finish or glossy finish. A painting services contractor knows everything about this. They know what’s good for your home structure, the different parts of the house, and the type of wall you have in your home. That’s why it is highly recommended to hire a colour view painting services in Singapore provider to help you with your house painting needs.


1. For exterior house paint, choose colours that suite the area’s climate. You need to check how the colours will adapt the weather’s light changes, especially to countries with 4 seasons. But to countries like Singapore, external light is not much of a problem since the country only experiences 2 types of seasons.

Your painting services provider may also advice to stick to basic neutral colours especially if your location experiences frequent weather changes or there are so much artificial lights, like sodium lights and decorative lights, going on around the area.

2. Choose light shades of green if you have a lawn or garden. Especially if you only have few bushes or planters, the green walls will make it appear abundant. The right shade of green depends on how full your garden looks.


3. For interior house paint, choose pastel colours if the house is quite small. Pastel colours reflect more light, thus making the area look spacious. Pastel colours are also suitable to spaces where there is lesser source of light, such as the basement and the staircase area. You can also stick to neutral colours like white, cream, tan or bisque if there’s already colour contrast happening in your interior furniture. Ask your painting services contractor for the right shade of neutrals.

4. For children’s room, choose bright colours. Bright colours represent energy, and can set an energetic environment to the children. Today, the favourite colour for boys’ room is blue and pink for girl’s room. You can also add creative wallpapers or wall prints for spacious bedrooms.

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