Things to Remember when Modelling  

Sep 18


Many Singaporeans take on the stage of different fashion runways from New York to Paris these days. This means that we are not far behind. It is not easy to be a model especially with the diversity but anything can be possible if we put our heart to it. Who knows, we will become top model?


If in this case we are still struggling to make ourselves big, we have to remember things especially when modelling. The experts gave small but significant reminders for those who are aspiring to be a top model. Here are some:

  • Eat sumptuously: It is important for a model to eat. Other models tend to starve themselves but that is not healthy. When we feel that we have a full schedule and back-to-back castings, we have to start out day by eating sumptuously. Sometimes because of the full schedule, eating is impossible so it is better to start with a full stomach.
  • Always be early: We do not want our co-workers to have the impression that we are always late. If we want to be respected and be commended for our professionalism, we have to be early always no matter the time of day – it can be our strong suit when time comes.
  • Be patient: Time is of great importance but when modelling, we have to resolve ourselves to be patient and prepare for long waiting times. When we are left nothing to waste but time, networking won’t hurt. The easiest thing that we can do is to attempt small talks with the people around us and we will not notice how time flies especially if we enjoy the company.


  • Do not get wasted: After every successful runway shows, models and designers come together to celebrate. It won’t hurt if we socialize but not to the point of getting wasted. If we have a show the next morning, getting wasted will not be a good thing because we will surely look like crap.
  • Do not overthink: Overthinking will only make us anxious. We know that clients want a different look every season and we do not know what they are looking for. We can try to find it but sometimes we just need to be ourselves and not overthink about it. We only need to keep calm and let the nature take its course.
  • Fake it till you make it: Sometimes things go wrong like wardrobe malfunction but as a professional, we have to think that the show must go on thus the saying “fake it till you make it”.


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