The 6 Most Memorable Villains from Disney

Nov 23


When you were young, your parents used to tell fairytales about princesses, prince charmings, villains and happily ever after.  Of course when it comes to characters, your sympathies go to the protagonists of the story – princesses and prince charmings and to happily ever after.


You remember the good times but you fail to remember who contributed to the strength of character of the princesses and prince charmings. You should give credit to villains if only at this time. Here are some villains in Disney’s films worth remembering:

  1. Hades: Who would ever like Hades from ‘Hercules’? He feasts on the miseries of Hercules.
  2. Ursula: You know Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’. She also tried so hard to make the life of Ariel a misery.
  3. Captain Hook: You know Captain Hook, the Crocodile and Peter Pan. His abominable character made Pan strong.  869997_1320282336509_full
  4. Gaston: Many people only remember the Beauty and the Beast but not Gaston.
  5. The Evil Queen: The most famous story is that of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The Evil Queen sought to kill Snow White because all she ever wanted is to be the “fairest of them all”.
  6. Maleficent: Now you know the story of Maleficent and how she came to be. She is from ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Villains are characters in stories that do bad things. They should not be followed but you can learn something from them – that evil doings will never go unnoticed. Your kids need to understand this so they will not do evil things.

Singaporeans love fairytales and when it is time to tell your children about it, you have to include villains as well but leave them with morale at the end of the day.


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