How Your Relationship Can Affect Your Mental Health (And Vice Versa)

Jan 29

Researchers have shown that strong relationships not only greatly contribute to our physical well-being, but also to our mental and emotional health. Being in a relationship is known to reduce stress, and couples that have been together for a long time have been known to have longer life expectancies.

This is one of the reasons why people seek out relationships in the first place. Even though establishing an emotional connection with another person can be scary, this is how we form lifelong bonds. Intimate body-to-body contact or sex is how adults establish this connection with each other.

Open, honest communication is the key in any healthy relationship, as well as constant support and encouragement that couples must give each other. The latter is especially crucial when either partner is difficult to deal with or has a mental illness that may or may not be clinically diagnosed by a psychologist in Singapore.

However, as much as the benefits of being in a relationship entice us to look for that special someone, there are times that the relationship itself can be a driver of stress, which then develops into anxiety and depression which can affect the overall well-being of both partners in the relationship. Before this happens, the couple should consider seeking relationship counselling Singapore from a recommended psychologist.

How Relationships Affect Physical Health

It’s a commonly held belief that couples tend to gain weight once they settle into marriage and then lose that weight once the marriage ends in divorce or separation.

However, there are other factors that could influence this weight gain. For instance, dissatisfaction in the relationship if you do not visit a psychologist like Singapore center 4 psy it can cause stress, which can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as changes in both eating habits and sleep behavior.

This in turn can become an unhealthy cycle that could influence and result from this said satisfaction, which, when compounded by the stress in the relationship, may lead to health problems.

The physical aspects that manifest during a relationship are often symptoms of deeper running issues within the relationship. Put simply, stress caused by misunderstandings and a lack of open, honest communication can go a long way. A consultation with a psychologist in Singapore will be likely to uncover these issues and discuss them with both partners at length.

How Relationships Affect Mental Health

Relationship stress affects both partners not just physically, but also mentally. This can take several forms, from constant anxiety to lowered overall self-confidence and self-esteem, which can carry over to the physical aspects of the relationship.

Depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. For instance, couples in a healthy relationship will often find themselves eased of the symptoms that cause them and find dealing with them easier. However, partners that already have symptoms of depression and anxiety can find these illnesses to contribute to and compound even more when placed under the relationship’s stress.

A lot of relationship problems are often caused by simple disagreements compounded by a lack of communication between partners. These simple disagreements may be buried, but can grow into later resentment that would erupt during arguments or at a session during relationship counselling Singapore, which can negatively affect the couple’s mental and emotional well-being.

How Mental Health Affects Relationships

Though relationships can negatively impact mental health, the reverse is also especially applicable and potentially more impactful if left unchecked. When both are at play, this results in a feedback loop that reinforces these mental health disorders.

What you would think of as “acting out” or being simply difficult to deal (e.g. annoying habits or with may be symptomatic of a larger problem. Mental illnesses, such as chronic or clinical depression, can complicate this process, as this can cause you to push others away without you knowing it.

There are over two hundred different types of mental disorders, which makes diagnosing them yourself difficult and inadvisable. This is best left to a licensed psychologist in Singapore who is able to determine whether you or your significant other may indeed suffer from a mental illness as well as how to treat it effectively.

There are, however, are a few common symptoms of mental health that you or your partner might want to watch out for, such as:

• Constant feelings of sadness
• Reduced ability to concentrate on the task at hand
• Excessive fears, worries, or guilt
• Extreme mood swings
• Withdrawal from social activities and hobbies
• Inability (or reduced ability) to cope with stress
• Trouble understanding situations and people
• Substance abuse
• Changes in sleep and eating habits
• Changes in sex drive
• Excessive anger, hostility, or violence
• Suicidal ideations
• Self-harm or deliberate self-injury

Some symptoms can also appear as physical problems, as mentioned earlier, and can range from stomach pains, back pains, or even migraine.

How You Can Improve Both Your Relationship and Your Mental Health

The good news is that these symptoms, when caught early, are treatable by scheduling regular consultations with a recommended psychologist. Seeking relationship counselling Singapore, for some, may in fact be the best thing that could allow them to walk out as better relationship partners more open and understanding of each other.

However, you should keep in mind that even though consultation with a psychologist or a therapist can help to rebuild trust and strengthen the relationship between partners, counselling usually takes more than one session in order to experience its full effects. Whether they are joint sessions or individual sessions, be sure to take this time and allow the therapist to help you.

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Understanding Car Locks and How They Work

Jan 26

You might have wondered at some point how car locks work, how they unlock door for your convenience at the touch of a button, especially when you find that one day your car keys no longer unlock the car locks remotely.

This can pose as an inconvenience that will take up your time. Fortunately, there are many 24 hour locksmith services in Singapore will be more than willing to help you with the process of repairing and installing a new car door system.

But before you call in Singapore, it’s important to know exactly how locking mechanism works, as well as what could possibly cause it to malfunction or easily compromised.

What Is Central Locking and How Does it Work?

Central locking is a type of locking system used to lock and unlock car door for nearly all motor vehicles manufactured by major companies all over the world and works quite simply.

The system of central locking is a fairly recent one, being developed only in development and released during the early to mid-1980s. This system was originally developed for early models such as the Ford Thunderbird and the Mercury Cougar, and the technology was then made widely available by the American company General Motors in 1989.

It is a process that works by using electric signals to flip switches that automatically lock or unlock car door for the driver and passenger sides. Because of this convenience, almost all manufactured cars all over the world, especially in Singapore, use this system to keep the car doors locked.

Your car key sends out a radio signal that will unlock car door to the car’s locking system at a short range. This range is between five and twenty meters. Once the signal is received, the car’s internal system then signals this through a chirping sound, the car’s lights blinking, or a car horn. Usually, it is a combination of two, but some car models will send out all three.

Other systems have dedicated buttons built into the car key specifically to fulfill different purposes: open the car’s hood, trunk door, or even roll up the windows. Power sliding doors for minivans or vans can be automatically slid open or closed, and certain keyless remotes feature a panic button that activates the car’s alarm system as part of the model’s standard feature.

Why Call for a Locksmith?

Locksmith services can help you with many car lock problems, including:

• Malfunctioning keys that cannot open the car doors
• Replacement of ignition cylinder
• Degrading lock functionality

However, make sure to call only a professional 24 hour locksmith in Singapore if you encounter any of these problems with your car locks. Other than those mentioned above, there are a few more ways that a reliable locksmith can help you with, such as the following:

• Providing replacement car locks
• Repairing or installing central locking system
• Unpick lock cylinders
• Adjusting your car’s door locks

Regardless of your purpose, whether you forgot your car keys inside the car or need your entire car lock system to be replaced, work only with a certified and experienced locksmith services in Singapore.

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What is Customer Relationship Management?

Sep 29

In a nutshell, customer relationship management (CRM) are the practices and policies that a company utilizes to deal with their customers and potential customers. A good customer relationship management therefore is the outcome of effective strategies and technology to analyze, manage, and interact with customers to improve delivery of services and goods.

Customer relationship management includes the following: customer data, track leads, clients and other contacts, employees, training and knowledge of employees, resources or assets, partners or support vendors, marketing, sales management, contracts, customer support, sales reports, and access of business information.

Customer Relationship Management System

A CRM system should be able to improve the company-customer relationship to improve sales, retain customers, and attract more customers. This means that all possible means of contacting the company should be used to enhance overall customer experience. For companies that care about sales management, it’s important to set up a CRM system that will allow the employees to build data that can be used for sales reports, management, marketing, and addressing customer concerns.

An example of a CRM system such as from Singapore includes a company’s customer-facing staff, telephone, website, email, social media, and other communication means that will collect data about the customers’ personal details, buying preferences, common complaints, purchase history, and other concerns. Most large businesses in Singapore can benefit from an organized CRM system, but small-scale and medium-scale businesses will also benefit from this.

The customer relationship management system that a company uses may be one of the following:

    1. Customer-centered, which focuses on the interactive and individual relationships with customers.
    2. Opportunity management, which handles the forecast of demand and growth, sales management, and to create projections of future sales.
    3. Marketing campaigns that focus on the analysis of customer sales or the information accessed by the customers in the company’s website and social media.
    4. Data warehouse which stores all the related data from customer profiles to sales reports then combines all the CRM systems to come up with indicators of key performances.
    5. Contact manager system, which is a CRM system that is most useful for small-scale to medium-scale companies that need an integrated contact system for phone calls, emails, faxes, and documents.
    6. Software as a service system, which provide companies with the needed tools through the Internet instead of investing in hardware and software. A provider will set up the CRM system for the company. An example of this is the cloud CRM, which will save the company the time and money it takes to set up a CRM system.
    7. eCommerce CRM, which focuses on the automation of marketing by integrating customer email, cart rescue, and others.
    8. Tracking CRM for membership-based firms and non-profit organizations that will help them track and communicate with individuals.

Customer Relationship Management Types

Ever since the concept of customer relationship was laid out in the 1970s, companies have come a long way to developing different means of dealing with customers and potential customers. Although the components of CRM are primarily about support, sales, marketing and management, the means of collection and analysis of customer and potential customer data may vary.

The company might also focus on specific types of data depending on what type of goods and services they are selling. Even factors such as education and income are taken into account besides the usual demographic data of age and gender when selling products and services. These data are also used to track down possible customers that fit the category of a potential customer profile that was created using the information of existing customers.

Customer relationship management can be divided into different types based on the company’s goal.

    1. Operational CRM focuses on the sales, marketing, and service.
    2. Strategic CRM focuses on creating a customer-centric business.
    3. Analytical CRM focuses on the analysis of all the collected customer data.
    4. Collaborative CRM considers the company’s relationship with its vendors, suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders who also need the collected customer data.

Customer Relationship Management Software

An effective CRM system used by the most successful companies in Singapore is the CRM software setup that will allow the company to integrate all the relevant information that can be accessed easily if needed. Not only will the employees be able to compile and manage customer information, but the CRM software also includes automated workflow processes, set up alerts and tasks, track performances and productivity, and provide channels for customer interaction through phone calls, email, and social media.

A CRM software specifically features a contact automation, marketing automation, sales automation, and location-based technology to make customer relationship management much easier than manual methods.

Marketing will benefit from CRM software such as a cloud CRM for example, because it can assist in any part of the marketing life cycle. It will reduce instances of repetitive tasks to save time in the creation of marketing materials for potential customers. More customers mean more sales, which is another aspect that a CRM system can make easier. This will reduce the time it takes to track and contact both the customers and the salespersons in the company.

For any customer concern, the CRM software will reduce the tasks of a customer agent by solving problems and providing stored information. This system will cut down call times and simplify problem-solving processes for the customers and the customer contact center. Meanwhile, location-based technology will allow the company to create marketing strategies based on the location of potential customers. This is especially useful for large corporations in Singapore that want to attract customers abroad. This can also serve as a means of contacting office anywhere in the world much more easily.

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Step Up Your Skin Care Routine with These 5 Steps

Aug 27

Feeling good about our complexion is one way to lift up our spirits. With that in mind, a lot of us invest our time and effort in following a specific skin care routine. The basics of skin care, like taking off make-up before we go to sleep or applying sunscreen when we are at the beach, is pretty much common wisdom. But real skin care does not stop there. There are other steps we can do in order to take better care of our skin.

1. Use gentle cleansers
It is important to cleanse our face at the end of the day before going to bed. With the use of a cleanser, the dirt on our faces and pores can be eliminated. The type of cleanser we use also matters because it has been found out that some oil-free cleansers actually do more harm than good by stripping the skin of its natural oils, making it unbalanced. A gentle cleanser does the trick and at the same time maintains the skin’s natural balance.

2. Massage your face often
Giving your face a regular light massage helps stimulate blood circulation as well as healthy skin. A lot of skin care professionals opt for this easy method as it can be done at the comforts of home any time of the day. The facial massage can be done on a day to day basis or at least once a week.

3. Use Skin Masks
People who suffer from blackheads, acne, and oily skin may find the solution to their problems in skin masks. When used often, it produces effective results and changes to the skin that can be observed in just a short span of time. You can easily buy skin masks at your local beauty store, but you can also easily make your own at home using different ingredients like pomegranate, honey, avocado and cranberries.

4. Chemical Exfoliant is a friend
The term may sound harmful to the skin, but using a chemical exfoliant is actually proven to be one of the gentlest exfoliating methods ever. The thing about exfoliants, however, is that it is prone to being misused which can cause irritation and damage. Investing in a good exfoliant will gently get rid of dead skin cells and reveal a bright complexion without causing harm to your skin’s condition.

5. Apply Oils
Even if you have natural oily skin, applying oils to your skincare routine is recommended even by dermatologists. Botanical oils like argan and passionfruit are effective antioxidants. Massaging a few drops onto the skin in the morning can work wonders, especially before applying sunscreen or heavy foundation for the day. There are oils suited specifically for each skin type so researching before buying one is ideal.
Achieving healthy skin can be a thorough process, but if you put in enough time and effort you would know it’s worth it when you see the results.

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Tips on How to Nurture Your Well-Being Further

Aug 23

In a fast-paced world swarmed with deadlines and rush hours, there is almost no time to keep check of our holistic well-being. Most of us could not afford to bat an eye over our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health when we have other things we consider as priorities. What we don’t realize is that each is just equally important. In order for us to function fully and unleash our potentials, we also need to learn to kick it up a notch for our holistic health.

Louise Racine from Thirteen Moons Wellness gives five tips on to how we can step up our overall well-being. When we learn to be open to these things, we also learn to nurture ourselves better.

Stay open to possibilities
To live out our potentials require avenues to hone these passions to their fullest. When opportunities arrive our way, it is best that we continually stay open to doing them as well as learning from them. Even if they are outside our comfort zones, we need to learn how to brave through it. We never know how much we can learn about ourselves even from the simplest possibilities.

Push through fear
We all fear the unknown. If something happens to be completely unfamiliar to us, we instinctively cower away from it. Fear often fuels our resistance in trying out new things but when we manage to push through that barrier, we learn to build courage. We learn to be brave and stand on our own feet. We also gain confidence and a massive sense of self-belief.

Challenge self-imposed limits
All of us have activities we excel at, and activities where, well, we don’t. When we find ourselves not liking a certain activity, most of the times we begin to think we are not capable of doing it and thus find plenty of reasons not to take part in it. However, if we think beyond our self-imposed limitations, it can lead us to be strong.

Balance your brain
Sometimes we just need to challenge our thinking skills and general intellect. Engaging in activities that require the use of both sides of our brain can lead to impressive cognitive results like whole brain thinking, improved physical coordination, increased creativity, and a sharper intuition.

Care for your spiritual health
Spiritual health is often given the least priority compared to the other spheres of one’s well-being. We often overlook how important it is to connect with our selves, knowing what we like and dislike, or even connecting with each other and finding people who interest us or share our passions. Simple activities such as taking a walk in nature or setting aside time during the day for contemplation and prayer fills the heart with gratitude and in turn, makes yourself at ease.

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Key Attributes of a Great Property Manager

Jul 10

Hiring a qualified and savvy estate or condo manager is one of the most important decisions that a property owner should make, as your estate manager is expected to work closely with you and your tenants or buyers, and oversee the overall estate maintenance of your property. This makes your managing agent akin to a CEO of your property.

Choosing the right professional to take care of the crucial roles of a property management agent takes serious consideration and thought. Here are the key attributes to look for when looking into hiring a managing agent in Singapore.

People Skills

One of the top qualities of a property manager is the ability to communicate and handle people. Effective negotiation skills is necessary in working out issues with tenants and prospect buyers, or even persuading you to make improvements to maintain or increase your property’s value. An approachable demeanour and positive attitude are great attributes to have in maintaining healthy relationships both old and new clients or tenants.


Your property agent must have a keen eye for details. Laws and regulations about housing in Singapore and tenant rights are continuously changing, requiring a property management to stay on track of any amendments to state laws and local property codes that can impact your property. Safety hazards on your property can possibly lead to lawsuits; therefore, your agent should regularly inspect your building with superb properties management skills in Singapore and immediately take care of any repairs needed.


Managing multiple properties and clients require exceptional organization skills. Your condo manager should have updated contact information of all tenants, contractors, vendors and staff at all times. He should show an ability to effectively coordinate multiple projects and be able to come up with a timeline to complete property management tasks.


Estate managers are responsible for managing your estate maintenance expenses and creating revenue from your property, so it’s important for your agent to have solid financial knowledge. While a finishing a related degree is not required, having a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is advantageous. Finishing a course in business o accounting provides the necessary tools to succeed in the field.


Property management covers a wide array of maintenance specialties from office buildings and shopping malls, to apartments, condos and single house rentals. However, there’s a huge difference between, say, managing a single house rental and an entire apartment. Apartments have multiple renters and tenants under a single building—with centralized security, common mechanical systems and a common yard and sidewalks. With single house rentals, there’s only one family or individual in one structure, which will require specific estate maintenance needs. When looking for a property manager, you definitely want to hire someone with ample experience in handling the type of property you own.


Since it will be your property agent who do most of the work in taking care of your property, you need someone who is honest with you, as well as with your tenants. If you often find irregularities or questionable actions in the works of your manager, you might want to pay closer attention or consider looking for a more trustworthy one.


Another key attribute of a great managing agent is timeliness. Choose an agent who is always punctual, knows his duties well and executes them timely and impeccably. Working someone who is able to provide all these things will ensure that you are able to manage your property effectively, as well as make sure that everything stays on schedule, no matter how hectic your schedule is.


An efficient manager maintains a certain level of professionalism when dealing with clients, vendors, tenants, etc. They should be able to stick to the rules, separate their emotions from making decisions and treat everyone equally—no favouritism. Life is not always fair, and situations vary. Deciding to do what’s right, while being friendly and firm, especially when dealing with clients and prospect clients is a task that your agent will face on a daily basis. Your estate agent should be someone you can rely on, who is responsible and can remain patient and calm even under pressure.

Other signs to look for:

• How they advertise properties: A great property manager is aggressive in advertising their units. You don’t want your unit(s) staying unoccupied for too long. Remember that it is you who will bear the burden of unprofitable properties, not your condo manager or the property management firm.

• How they screen potential tenants: This is very crucial. Ensure that your estate manager conducts background check before approving a tenant. A simple background check can reveal negative history of a potential renter and save you from losing significant amount of profit.

• How they collect past-due rental fees: Any legitimate estate manager has collection policies in place. Ask about it and make sure it sounds good t you.

• What is their fee structure: Looking for a reliable property manager for a reasonable rate in Singapore should not be too difficult. Usually, it’s anywhere between 10 and 13 percent of the amount of your rent, but various property managers have varying fee structures.

Your estate manager is not someone who will run your basic household stuff; this is the person who will take care of your business accounts, maintain the value of your property and work closely with your tenant. Never settle for the least; having extensive knowledge in this field and possessing critical thinking and problem-solving skills is a must when looking for a great estate manager.

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5 Ways to Make Your Garage More Functional

Jun 24

Your garage is more than just a place to park your car. It’s your toy shop, warehouse, a workshop and possibly where you spend most of your spare time. These tips will help your garage to be more functional, so you can do everything you need to do in the space—including parking your car.

1. Organize Your Garage Into Zones

As mentioned, your garage has multiple uses and holds a variety of things. Divide your garage area into different zones, and it will be easier to find things when you need them, as well as you’ll have more room for your car.

2. Install Additional Outlets

Most garage only need one outlet, and that’s what most builders will give you—just one measly outlet for all your electrical tools. If you have wall studs, you can easily install wires and additional outlets. If your walls don’t have studs, you don’t have to cut into them. Instead, mount plastic or metal wiring channels and outlets on the wall.

3. Add a Space-Saving Workbench

If the space is small for your workbench and your car, you can either get a smaller car or build a folding workbench. The latter is more affordable, though, can be ready in just seconds and taking no space when not being used. The things you’ll need for this are a couple of door hinges, a few threaded flanges and pipes, some screws and a 2-by-4 piece of wood.

4. Add Overhead Shelves and Cabinets

If all your garage stuff are within reach, you are probably eating a lost of floor space. Overhead spaces may not be ideal storage area for often-used tools, but they are perfect for long-term storage. Cabinets and shelves near the ceiling hold a ton of seasonal things like camping gears and Christmas decorations.

5. Have Sufficient Lighting

Garage areas usually look dark and don’t have enough lighting. But if you do a lot of work here, make sure it allows you to easily do so with proper lighting. In terms of bang for the buck, fluorescent lights provide the best illumination for its price. Three strategically placed fixtures can provide all the lighting needed in an average sized garage space. Pay special attention to project areas and workbenches. Also, remember when placing lights, consider how your garage door opens and if it will affect illumination of the room.

Most garage areas are not just a place for parking cars; they often double as storage area for gardening and repair tools. If you have a garage at home, make sure it’s not a cluttered storehouse but an organized and functional space to work in.

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