How to Choose a Diaper for Your First Baby

Apr 20

As first-time parents, you already have a lot to deal with but almost everyone forgets that when it comes to disposable diapers, the size isn’t the only thing you should worry about.

Here are tips on how to choose the right diaper for your newborn.

Disposables or Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are still an option even if there are a lot of choices available in markets in Singapore. Cloth diapers can be hand-washed and machine-washed so that you can save more money instead of buying packs of diapers every week. To make life easier, you can use a flushable liner that will trap baby’s poo so that it’s easier to clean by dropping it in the toilet. If you want to save more, there are washable cloth wipes that are better alternatives to disposable wipes. Cloth diapers don’t expose your baby’s skin to petro-chemicals such as super absorbent polymer (SAP) that absorb the fluids. Most parents, however, choose disposable diapers because they involve less work and effort to use.

Diaper Absorbency
For disposable diapers, absorbency should be your first concern because it they must be effective in holding the body fluids away from your baby’s skin. If the diaper is always damp, the moisture can cause irritation and rashes. Make sure that the inner layer of the diaper is soft and can stay dry by wicking the moisture into the diaper’s core. Inspect the absorbent core that is supposed to keep away the moisture from baby’s skin to prevent the development of rashes, and check the outer layer that is supposed to be waterproof to prevent leaks.

Diapers Should Fit
How do you find the correct diaper size for your baby? The best way is to base it on your baby’s weight. By finding the correct size, there is less chance of leaks because the diaper fits properly. You have to make sure as well that the diaper has double elastic sealing edges, meaning that there should be one sealing edge each for the absorbent core and the outer shell. For extra comfort, inspect the quality of the materials the diaper is made of such as the elasticity and the softness of the diaper. But even with these factors in mind, you will still go through a trial-and-error process when looking for the best diapers for your baby.

Skin- and Environment-Friendly
If your baby is sensitive to materials such as latex and fragrance, use hypoallergenic diapers that are free from the following: chlorine, fragrance, and dye. SAP is found to be safe in most studies, so there’s not need to worry if you can’t find an alternative. There are green disposable diapers available for parents who want to be Earth-friendly. These types of diapers usually use less chlorine during the manufacturing process, are made of biodegradable materials, use renewable resources in the factories, and pay attention to minimizing their carbon footprint.

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The 12 Best Novel-to-Film Adaptations

Apr 20

Need to watch movies that will not waste your time? Here are the twelve best novel-to-film adaptations you need to see.

A Clockwork Orange
Inspired by the book penned by Anthony Burgess, it features the delinquent Alex who leads a gang in a dystopian Britain.

Blade Runner
This film is largely based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? a novel by Philip K. Dick. Blade Runner is set in Los Angeles where the replicants, genetically engineered creatures, are nearly identical to humans. These replicants are banned and hunted by the Blade Runners.

Adapted from the novel by Joseph Heller, it details the struggles of Captain Yossarian and his squad while they are trapped in Pianosa and asked to complete suicide missions. Even insanity will not be enough to offer an escape from their tasks.

Devil in a Blue Dress
Based on Walter Mosley’s novel, it features Easy Rawlins, a war veteran who becomes a private investigator even if he had no training or experience. Rawlins’s first mission was to find a missing woman.

Empire of the Sun
Taken from J.G. Ballard’s novel, this adaptation chronicles the story of Jim Graham who became a prisoner of war in World War II.

Lord of the Flies
There are two films based on William Golding’s novel of the same title. The first was released in 1963 which faithfully follows the book about 30 boys trapped in an island, while the second film focuses on the child Ralph.

Nineteen Eighty-Four
Taken from the dystopian novel by George Orwell, it details the life of Winston Smith who is trying to make sense of his life in the totalitarian state of Oceania. His life changed when he met Julia and they start questioning the state.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Inspired by the book written by Ken Kesey, it tells the story of the criminal Randle McMurphy who was transferred to a mental hospital and is hoping to avoid menial labor and eventually plans an escape.

The Godfather
The first installment of the of the series of the same name by Mario Puzo is about the Corleone family who became well-known in organized crimes after the eldest son took over.

The Remains of the Day
Based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, it recalls the story of the butler Stevens during post-war Britain when he received a letter from Miss Kenton.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Based on the novel of the same title by Harper Lee, it features the lawyer Atticus and his two children who are exposed to a fictional town’s idea of racism when Atticus was appointed to defend a black man accused of rape.

Watership Down
Inspired by the novel of the same title by Richard Adams, this animated film tells the story of Fiver and Hazel who are trying to convince their fellow rabbits of Fiver’s vision of an apocalypse.

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Which Eyebrow Shape is Perfect for Your Face?

Mar 14

Figuring out the right shape of your eyebrows doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, there are various arch shapes and recommendations for your brows based accordingly on your face shape. This is because your facial bone structure serves as the main basis in determining the perfect shape of your eyebrows.

If you are yet to figure out the right eyebrow shape for you, here are some insights about the ideal brows for different facial structures.

Round face
Round face shapes have the cheek area as the widest part of the face, along with a symmetrical length and width of the face. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has this type of facial structure. With a round face, you might want to focus on making your face appear longer and leaner. You can achieve this by drawing a high arched eyebrow shape. If you don’t want your face to appear more round, remember to steer clear of rounded brows!

Oval face
One popular celebrity which has an oval-shaped face is Oprah, characterized by defined cheekbones and a wide forehead. Softly arched brows are right for this kind of facial structure. Hence, you might only simply need to maintain the natural shape of your brows. Avoid shaping your brows too thin, though. Maintaining your brow’s natural shape is most likely to compliment your look.

Square face
Square face shapes have the prominent feature of having a bony and square jawline. An iconic actress which has this kind of face shape is Angelina Jolie. The shape of your brows becomes important if you have a square face, especially when it comes to softening your jawline and restoring balance to your face. To ensure this, have a well-defined sharp arch atop your eyebrows to decrease the square-ness of your face.

Long face
Having a long face means that your facial structure has an elongated shape from the forehead down to the chin. This is similar to the shape of Brooke Shield’s face. Working with this particular shape urges the need to make the face appear shorter, so as to restore balance. A flat eyebrow is best for this face shape since it acts as a horizontal border. Visually speaking, it divides the face and makes it look more proportional.

Heart face
Famous stars like Madonna and Julia Roberts have a heart-shaped face, which tapers towards a pointed chin. This facial structure is also characterized by a prominent forehead, and so the cosmetic goal is to draw attention away from the forehead area while balancing the pointed chin at the same time. A rounded and curved arch is best suited for this particular face shape.

Diamond face
Diamond shaped facial structures are rare. It has highly angular curves that is widest on one’s forehead, thus the focus of this facial shape is to make the temple area look a little less wide than it truly is. A curved shaped eyebrow is ideally suited for this kind of face shape. Having one softens the appearance of the whole face.

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Effective Tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Brows

Mar 14

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, the eyebrows serve as a big part of your overall look. A lot of makeup lovers not only make sure their eyebrows are properly trimmed, but also ensure they’re properly filled in. Getting your eyebrows done perfectly is no piece of cake after all. It requires practice and time, but after some time of doing it, you are likely bound to master the process by heart.

What makes fuller brows?
Beautifully arched and full brows are what’s popular among a lot of beauty gurus. Given a naturally full brows, you do not have to overwork them into achieving that perfectly styled look. You only have to fill in the gaps with brow powder or an eyebrow pencil.

Regardless, there is still a chance for you to achieve fuller brows even if your brows are sparse due to plucking or if you were born with naturally thin brows. This is what makes most makeup products a miracle-giver. The catch? You just have to master the proper application.

This is where the process might get tricky, though. You have to make sure the lines you draw aren’t too hard or obvious. You have to give your brows a soft look; even if you want to boldly fill them in due to their sparse appearance or heavily plucked condition. The thing is, they have to appear as natural as they could!

How to achieve the perfect brows
• Practice. There are different eyebrow arcs suited for respective face shapes. You have to do a little research and figure out the best arch for your own face. After that, allot time on practicing how to draw the shape. Filling in and drawing your brows are similar to that of painting/sketching on a canvas, so you have to be acquainted with the process. Keep it full by the nose and at the arch’s peak for an elegant result.

• Enhance the appearance. Make use of your concealer to highlight the shape of your brows. Dab a little amount on the brow bone to enhance the arch and the brows’ shape. By doing so, it also reveals the hair you missed when plucking. (Given you pluck your brows in trimming them!)

• Take your time. Mastering the perfect shape of your brows isn’t a piece of cake. You have to be patient while doing the process and keep going despite having frequent errors. Also, remember to brush your brows up before you begin drawing to make the task a little easier.

• Start from the center. In order to evenly distribute the brow powder, apply the majority of the product on the center of your brows first. This process is much better than starting heavy on the brows’ edges. From the center, work on consistently distributing the amount to the rest of the brows.

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The Approach of a Conversation

Feb 09

A conversation has three parts, the approach, the actual conversation, and the departure. Now, why is conversation very important? Not only is conversation the only way for us to be able to relay a certain message from one person to another, it is also a very basic human skill which since we were a kid, we have been taught to learn. First of all, kids usually have problems communicating because of the limited vocabulary around them. You only use the certain words that were taught to you and to present a thought that you can’t directly put into words. Because of the lack of vocabulary, you find other ways to present that thought and that is where complication comes in. Well, basically you wouldn’t be able to understand someone if you weren’t able to communicate properly.

Now let’s go back to conversation. Communication can be thought of as just one person relaying a certain message while conversation on the other hand is an exchange of messages. It is an exchange of ideas, it is an exchange of thoughts, and it is exchange of material and that is something we should work on because it is very important to receive information as well. Conversation is used in our everyday lives. The way we treat people, the way we say hi, the way we ask how their day is, the way we ask certain questions, the way we talk to our friends, the way we talk to our family members and more.

Conversation can be really tricky nowadays. Misunderstanding is the cause of a lot of fights and sticky situations. Conversation could involve the tone of your voice, the words you choose to use, the way you dress, and many other different variables. There are approaches for different conversations. In business, the approach of the conversation is way different than meeting somebody randomly at a certain social gathering. The approach is different in the way you talk to your parents, the way you talk to your spouse, or even the way you talk to your kids. Conversation has a lot of levels and a lot of depth into it. Ending the conversation can be really tricky not because of the words used, but because of the thought that that specific person wants to communicate over to you. The bottom line is patience is important.

The approach of the conversation may differ. There are times when you need to be more aggressive and there are also times when you need to be passive. misusing these approaches may result in devastating outcomes. Sometimes people take offense when you become too aggressive when the conversation is supposed to be casual. This the first thing you must learn the perfect your approach.

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What People Like to Hear

Feb 09

Sometimes to be able to build a connection with people, you have to get on their good side. Getting on someone’s good side means doing or saying certain things that would definitely catch their attention in a good way. It may be hard to figure out what people like to hear but the moment you do, but once you do, you’ll be able to build a really good connection.

Here are a few things people like to hear:

1. Compliments
The key to compliments is knowing when to use them. Sometimes the misuse of compliments may result to negative reactions. Knowing when to use a compliment can be very hard to do but once you nail a good compliment, you’ll land on the good side of that person. Compliments that come off too aggressive might seem a little too much and throwing out a compliment at the wrong time may result in a negative reaction. Sliding a compliment at the perfect time could definitely create more attraction between you and whoever you are talking to.

2. Humor
Humor is important in most conversations, it is a great way to ease the tension and build a great impression. The tricky part about humor is people have different tastes in humor and there are some jokes that may seem fine for some but are actually offensive for others. Humor has different elements and to adjust your humor to the taste of who you’re talking to is a great way to connect with them. Besides, when people laugh or smile at what you said, they will automatically feel more comfortable around you.

3. Relatable topics
This is something that is obviously important in every conversation. Without being able to talk about something both you and the person you talking to can relate to, the conversation would be very plain and boring. Sometimes we just can’t help it. Sometimes there is just nothing both people can relate to, this is when you start learning about each other. This happens after people find a common ground or platform where they can finally talk about in a very comfortable manner.

People are very different and this could definitely lead to things becoming more complicated for them to get along. But as soon as you learn how to talk to people even when you can’t relate with them, you’ll then learn how to strike a good conversation with just about everyone. People are meant to be around other people. Let’s face it, we probably wouldn’t survive being alone. We need people to talk to every once in a while no matter how used you are to being alone. Learn how to talk to people, it’s something we should all do.

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Finding a Good Air Con Repair Contractor

Feb 01

In Singapore, you can buy quality air con units at an affordable price. And more and more people are deciding to install a few units in their apartments and homes because the weather can really get hot most of the time.

But much is required to keep your air con units operating in an efficient manner. As much as you practice air con maintenance, your unit will still slowly deteriorate over time with continuous usage. And for that, you will need it to undergo air con maintainance.

To somehow help lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit, working with experienced aircon technicians like aircon master Singapore is necessary. Here are some helpful tips and information to guide you when finding a good air con services contractor.

Personal Recommendations

Aside from searching in newspapers and different ads in Singapore for an air con contractor, you can ask your family members and friends for any advisable air con maintenance contractors in your locale, preferably someone or a company they have contacted and worked with before. It will also be helpful to you if you ask a recommendation from someone who has had the similar problem with yours. Ask him or her who was able to solve the problem and get the contact information of the person or company. Furthermore, ask if he or she was satisfied with the service and if there was no need for return trips or for another contractor to identify and fix the problems.

Online Review Sites

To lengthen your recommendation list of air con services contractors, you can make a research in online review sites for more suggestions. You can also check and verify online the service quality of the air con service companies personally recommended by your family members and friends. Oftentimes, previous customers will share to the online world their experience with a particular contractor that, for them, has a satisfactory service. And from those online reviews, you can gather useful information that will help you narrow down your list of air con service contractors.

Making Calls

Now that you have narrowed down your list, choose the top 5 among the remaining people or companies and give them a call. When contacting them for the first time, it would be better if you would be able to ask for some references—their previous or present clients. Contact the references and ask them about their experiences dealing with the air con repair contractor. After which, call your top 5 choices once more and ask further detailed questions to help conclude their knowledge and experience. Keep in mind that someone with more experience is the better option.

Price Offer

Right now, you should be able to narrow down your list further, perhaps your top 3 choices. Once you have identified who they are, ask them for a price offer. Professionals from in Singapore will be able to provide you with reasonable prices according to the job you need. Their price bid covers all necessary equipment and no hidden additional fees. Don’t forget to ask about warranties as well. Keep in mind that it is not always about getting the lowest-priced bid, but the most complete and most transparent bid.

Before closing the deal, make sure that your ultimate choice will always be available should you need help in air con services maintenance and air con repair.

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