Imparting Party Planning Knowledge  

Oct 17


When we plan parties for a living, we have to make sure that we are successful to entice more clients here in Singapore. The good news is that when we do something for a long time, we become good at it. This article will talk about some party planning knowledge that should be imparted to everyone.


Here are some things that we need to know about preparing food for the party:

  • The food zone: If we are planning to throw a buffet party, the foods will be displayed on tables. The critical point here is not to leave the foods for more than four hours. If the foods should be chilled, we have to maintain a five degrees Celsius temperature so it will not be spoiled. If the foods should be hot, we have to maintain a sixty degrees Celsius temperature as well.


  • Arrival offer: If the foods are not yet ready when our guests arrive, we have to offer something be it coffee or tea. The guests will accept it while we set the table.
  • Cutlery and napkins: If we have that buffet party, we need more napkins and cutlery. Our guests will use new napkin every time they get some food while others leave their plates somewhere and pick up a new one once they get hungry again. Our greatest defense is having more than enough to accommodate the cravings of our guests.
  • Not everybody will respond: When planning a party, we want to know the number of people so we can estimate the food. We send invitation cards but only few responded. We should not set a confirmed number if we want to accommodate late comers.

Now that we know these things, we can improve our services and our food. Here’s to more parties in the future!


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