How You May Be Damaging Your Hair Without Knowing It

Apr 15

Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Many Singaporeans believe so therefore considering treatments – natural or commercial just to ensure that it stays beautiful. There is nothing wrong with aspiring for a beautiful hair but sometimes, you tend to overdo it. You do not know that some actions and treatments can damage hair.


It is important that you know bad habits and treatments to evade it so it does not cause further hair damage. It is time that you ditch these bad habits because it can be the difference between a dull hair and the best hair. So, here are some things that you need to avoid that unknowingly damage your hair:

Towels: You use conventional towels when drying hair. You should know that this practice is passé. Towels can rub against the hair strands causing frizz and friction. Your standard towel is not made especially for your hair. To be safe, choose a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. Squeeze unto hair gently and avoid rubbing. These materials can absorb moisture without totally drying the hair.

Styling: It is good to look at when your hair has style but it can do more damage than good. When styling, you use serum, gel or a leave-in conditioner. You should at least wait for the hair to dry at least 50 percent. Do not style it whilst wet.

Hair accessories: Like styling, accessories can add beauty to the hair but you have to be careful because too much clips, pins and hair bands can break locks. Avoid hair accessories with metals or those with uneven edges. There are different hair-friendly items in the market these days so you can still use accessories without totally damaging your skin.


Tight do: It is nice to look at ponytails and topknots but sometimes, too tight hairstyles can damage hair. Forcing hair to conform can cause breakage especially along crown and nape areas. Remember that wearing hair too tight can create stress thereby weakening it.

Hang loose: You cannot wear your hair too tight but you cannot also wear it too loosely either. When it is hanging loosely, you always touch it and at times it can rub against your clothes and probably dry winds.

Trimming: Waiting for your hair to grow is perhaps trying especially knowing that without trimming can lead to hair damage. Every now and then, consider trim because hair can have split ends and it can lead to more breakage once ignored.

Linen: Your pillowcase can contribute to hair damage. If you are a restless sleeper, meaning you move a lot while sleeping, you have to protect strands. Use satin or silk pillowcases to protect your fibres and strands.


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