Your Tipping Guide Around The World

Mar 07


Gratuities are part of service. You give gratuities for a superb service and even spread it via word of mouth or through social media. There are restaurants that include gratuities on the bill. Just look for the keyword – service charge. If you see this, you do not have to give any tips. Restaurants here in Singapore include gratuities on their bill.

However not all countries include gratuities on their bill. This means you have to give it personally to the waiter if you are satisfied with the service. The rule of thumb in giving gratuity is 10% of the total bill. Check the bill and if you do not see any service charge, you have to give. If that is not amenable for you, you can always round up the bill. Do not worry because no one ever got penalized for not giving tips unless it is on the bill.

It is helpful if you know which countries include service charge and countries who expect tips. Here is the list:

  • Germany: In Germany, you do not need to worry because it is included in your bill. Aside from that, people round up the bill to the nearest even number and leaving the coins they received as change.


  • India: Tipping in India is not compulsory but it is more of customary. Indians will surely appreciate it. But before you get some cash, check the bill first. If the service charge is not present, few rupees won’t hurt.


  • Italy: In Italy, if you check the bill, it won’t show service charge but “coperto” or “cover charge”. That should give you a hint that you do not need to pay extra for the tip. But if you feel very generous, restaurants there will welcome it.

  • Mexico: When it comes to tipping, Mexico follows its neighbour, America. It is customary to add 10 to 15% of the total bill regardless where you eat. Being a little generous won’t hurt you.


  • Spain: If you are in a bar, you do not need to leave tips. If you are in a high-end restaurant, there is no need to leave tips because it is included in the bill. But if you feel extremely generous, rounding your bill or adding 10% is appreciated.


  • Thailand: In Thailand, you do not need to pay tip but leaving few bahts can make a difference. Thais will appreciate it.


  • United Kingdom: If you are in a pub, you do not need to pay extra. If you are eating in a restaurant, check the bill first if the service is already included. If not, you have to add at least 10% to the bill.

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