5 Foods to Eat Every Day to Keep You Healthy and Nourished

Mar 19


Staying healthy and fit is a stumbling goal for everyone especially living a life in a fast paced society. Eating plenty of foods to keep you healthy and replenished seems to be an impossible job for everyone because eating a full meal takes a lot of time to prepare and time is obviously a luxury that everyone can afford. This is the reason why most people tend to settle into fast food meals on a daily basis.


With this fast rising trend in fast food and light meals, nutrition becomes a problem that most people face today. Some may even settle for prepared and canned foods as their primary food source from their day to day activity which is obviously not healthy and never a good thing for their health. But who says that eating healthy food is always time consuming? Here are 5 foods that are easy to prepare and you can eat on a daily basis to keep you healthy and nourished:

  1. An egg a day makes you nourished all the way

Who doesn’t like to have a perfect sunny side up in their plate for a morning meal? No one I believe. But eating eggs is more than a beauty on a plate and a satisfying sight but it gives you a lot of benefits to keep you nourished all the way. Scientifically, eggs are proven to be a very good source of a lot of nutrients and minerals to help you fueled up in your whole day activity. When you eat an egg it helps you prevent eating mini in between meals along the day that prevents you from gaining too much weight.

  1. Be like Popeye – eat spinach every day

The iconic Popeye – a cartoon character who eats spinach as his power booster is generally not a make-believe but it is certified and a confirmed truth. According to research, the sweet green leaf of spinach is packed with a lot of iron. Not only iron, but this is also full of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E, calcium and even folic acid. Imagine the richness of eating a portion of spinach a day, and you are good to go for the rest of your daily activities! Plus, spinach can be cooked in a thousand ways, it can be eaten fresh, boiled, baked or any other means you can possibly imagine!

  1. Papaya makes you go oh la la!

One of the best fruits I had ever eaten in my life is papaya – and not that it’s only delicious but also full of nutrients. Papaya contains enzyme papain, this enzyme is good for you to help aid in your digestion. It also contains amount of folate, potassium, antioxidants and daily dose of vitamins C and E. It can also be eaten best when fresh and raw, and mostly used in salad and curries. Just how fun it is to eat something delicious while being nourished at the same time right?


  1. Oats – I did it again

If you are not much of fan of eating rice, consider adding a spoonful or two of oats on a regular basis. It has been proven that eating oats helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure which is very helpful for the young and adults who have a load of work to do and needs to be well ready for their daily activity. Also, oats decreased the risk for heart disease. Daily intake of oatmeal helps lower the body’s blood pressure by about five percent giving anyone who choose to eat oats the benefit of having lower chances of heart disease. So what are you waiting for? Next time you have your breakfast, try to add up a spoonful or a bowl of oats to make your day more nourishing and keep you healthier.

  1. Bean here – bean that – bean all day

There are a lot of beans that can be bought in our market today, but did you know how healthy beans are? Beans are said to be magical fruit, magical in the sense that they say the more beans you eat, the more soluble fiber you get. Imagine the cleansing ability. It helps your body to allow the disposal before it sticks and harms your body. Not only that, it also keeps you young because of the presence of antioxidants body. Life can never be better without you taking even a cupful of bean a day. There is nothing to lose but so much to gain!


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Superfoods to Fight the Haze  

Oct 14


We do not know when the haze will return here in Singapore. As much as we do not want this to happen over and over again, we have to be prepared all the time. Unfortunately, we cannot do much about the issue when it hits again.


All we can do is make sure that the haze won’t affect us excessively. The good thing is that we can fight the haze with the right diet. Here are some foods that will keep us healthy and cope with haze at the same time:

  • Veggies: Of course, eating vegetables should be the priority but it doesn’t mean that they should be exclusive. We should keep the percentage of our veggie consumption up at around seventy percent. The rest will be allocated to meats. If we consider meats, we should at least purchase organic ones.
  • Oily fish: Experts say that oily fishes can make a difference at the end of the day. Oily fishes like mackerel, salmon and sardines contain vitamin D, vitamin B and protein. It does not end there because oily fishes also contain omega-3 fatty acids which are enormously healthy.


  • Fruits: Fruits should never be forgotten. Eating fruits will not harm us. In fact, fruits will give us enough strength to last our day especially when there is haze. No matter what we consider, there are aplenty here in Singapore. We can also consider fresh juices but never the processed ones.
  • Filtered water: Whenever we are preparing for battle, we have to keep hydrated all the time as it can help in the circulation of blood not to mention it keeps our skin healthy.


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