A Phrase to Avoid Saying to Your Child

Oct 21

Good or bad, you still need to know what the things that you should say to your child are. Being a responsible parent is also knowing what the words should be spoken to your kid once you are mad, sad and happy.


No, you are okay!

When your child kneels down and cries hard, you immediately try to comfort your child. And now he’s done crying, you say that he’s okay. This is wrong because you are like saying to him that he is a robot. Always remember that your child is also a human being. He has emotions that are the same as you.


If your child is in trouble do not think that he is just okay or he can manage the situation. Do not forget that you are still the parent of the child and whatever happens to him shall be linked to you. In times when you kid cries, he needs a company – a shoulder to lean on. And that will be his parents. Be sure that you are always open to your child and omit saying the words “No, you are okay” because it just gives them additional problem. They will think that you do not care and you have no interest in helping them solve their difficulties.

When bad things happen to your child, try to say “Calm down” or “Stop crying, I will help you”. Actually, there are a lot of things to do to comfort your child and only the parent can do the exact caress that their child wants. It may be a sweet kiss or a tight hug.


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