8 Benefits of Cycling

Jan 23

Because of how easy it is to get to places and with all the scenery you can enjoy, cycling in Singapore can be quiet a pleasing experience. But cycling should be considered not just for transportation, but also the many benefits that it can give.  

1. Weight loss

It really isn’t a surprise that you lose fat from cycling. Depending on your weight and intensity of your workout, cycling for an hour can burn from about four hundred calories up to about a thousand. In addition, cycling might also be better because all our weight is supported by the saddle, as compared to jogging where all our weight falls on our lower body.

2. May protect our lungs  

It may come as a surprise but cyclists are actually less exposed to fumes or polluted air compared to drivers and passengers. It is thought that this is because cyclists are always at the side of the road, hence not directly breathing the smoke from vehicles.

3. Strengthens the heart

Cycling is a good cardio exercise as it strengthens the muscles of the heart and improves blood circulation. Doing this also helps improve our resting heart rate, which means we won’t get tired from physical activity. Cycling for even just a week already has an impact in reducing risk for heart problems.

4. Improves navigation skills

These days, it’s easy to not get lost because of GPS devices and internet. But in some places, there are times that you won’t get internet connection. This prompts you to explore and figure things out for yourself. Cycling can help us gain more knowledge on our surroundings and enhance our sense of direction.

5. Eco-friendly

One of the biggest problems of the world today is pollution. Cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, in one way or another, obviously contribute to air pollution. But a bicycle does not emit any gases as it does not need any fuel. Hence, even though just a little, you are helping to save the environment.

6. Get us places faster

If you compare them, obviously cars are faster. But there’s one crucial thing to consider- traffic. A bike will help you weave through traffic a lot easier. What about motorcycles? If you think about it, bikes are smaller than motorcycles too. There are even some bikes that are light enough to carry.

7. Promotes social interaction

There are many cycling clubs and cycling meets that happen all around Singapore. ANZA Cycling Club and Joyriders, to name a few. This provides an avenue for building friendships with other cyclists and can even guarantee a secure and safe experience when cycling around the city.

8. Helps save money

Compared to cars, bicycles are relatively inexpensive to maintain. The farther you go in a car, the more the parts wear down, hence more repairs. Bikes, of course, also need maintenance but they’re much simpler and cheaper. You also don’t need to use any money for gas when you take a bicycle.

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