5 Signs That You Should Ditch Your Diet Plan

Aug 16

Bad diet plans are just like bad breath: You sometimes fail to realize when yours is gross. In fact, several studies showed that most dieters tend to be poor judges when it comes to their own diet plan – thinking that they’re eating well, when they’re actually not – and you might be like them too. So to help you check whether or not your health compass is busted, we’ve rounded up five signs that’ll tell you that it’s already time to ditch your diet plan.


  1. You’re diet plan causes you to experience major digestive issues.

Often find yourself feeling constipated or with loose stools? Then you might be missing some of the key nutrients that your body needs. Or it could be that the food you incorporate into your diet doesn’t agree with your system. Once you start feeling these major digestive issues, don’t hesitate to look into your diet and make some significant changes. Trust us, losing weight isn’t worth all the pain.

  1. You often feel anxious and depressed.

One important sign to take note to see if you’re using a good diet plan is that each of your meals leave you feeling empowered and in control, without any worries about your food selections. If you’re feeling otherwise – being depressed and stressed out about your diet plan – then do consider it as a clue that it might be time to change into a healthier and more flexible diet.


  1. You feel hungry throughout the day.

Feeling a little hunger is quite normal when you happen to eat less than you’re used to. But if your appetite tend to be out of control most of the time, then the diet plan you’re going with might be too restrictive and it might make you to binge eat later on.

  1. You just can’t wait for your diet plan to end.

The clearest sign that you should already ditch your diet plan is when you just can’t wait for it to end. That’s when you start to resent your food and workout so much that you start marking off the remaining days on your calendar. Already felt this way? Then ditch your unhealthy diet plan now.

  1. You have almost zero energy.

If there’s an important thing that you should know about diets, it would be that no diet plan should ever leave you feeling completely drained. A healthy diet plan should make you feel the opposite – healthy and energized.

Figuring out whether or not your diet plan is bad for you can be quite tricky at times, but by looking out for these signs, you’ll surely be able to switch up to a better diet plan in no time and have a healthier lifestyle.


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