How to Make Your Event a Success with Beautiful Tentage

Sep 01

In hot and humid countries, like Singapore, anytime is a perfect time to throw an outdoor party or event. Whether you’re tasked to plan for a sponsored concert event for a hundred of people or an intimate garden wedding for just a handful of guests, there are some things you have to do to make your outdoor event a success.  Part of the success of an outdoor event is making sure that everybody is comfortable and having fun. Proper planning will help make sure that your party is enjoyable for all your guests.


1.     Make Use of Canopies and Tents

Tents and canopies are outdoor facilities that you can use to protect your guests from rain or direct sunlight. These facilities come in various types and sizes. The type of canopy to be used should be based on the type of event you’re planning to have, while the size depends on the number of guests you will be having. Ask your tentage rental company regarding the types of tents they offer. They can provide you several options according to the event details you have given them.

2.     Know the Type of Tent To Use

There are a number of tent types available in a tent rental provider. The most common types of tents from Nanyang Inc tentage rental in Singapore are the frame tents, pole tents, high peak tents, clear span tents, and double-decker tents. These tents have their own unique features that perfectly fit to different types of events. Ask you tent supplier about each of these types and decide which one would go well with your outdoor event.

3.     Provide Heating or Cooling Equipment

For outdoor parties held during cold season, keep your guests warm by adding heating equipment in your tentage venue. Same goes in parties held during summer; an air conditioning unit can provide cool air in a closed-type tent to make everybody move and socialize comfortably.


4.     Decorate Your Tent

Apart from the tables and chairs, your tent should be accentuated with matching decoration with your theme. Therefore, you must also consider what type of decorations you’re planning to use when choosing your tent. Ask your Singapore tentage rental provider for photos of each tent type and visualize how you are going to decorate the space. Pole skirts and fabric tent liners are just some of the adornments you can use to enhance an already stunning tent. Furniture, such as tables and chairs, should also be decorated accordingly.

5.     Provide Appropriate Lighting

The most important accessory to bring life to a limited spaced room is the lighting. Ask your tent supplier if they can also provide you lighting equipment. Lighting can enhance or dramatically change the mood of the room. Perimeter lighting is the most common choice because of the constant illumination it can provide to the whole structure. Light poles are also great alternatives as they’re easier to move to provide lighting where you really need it. If you want to add more elegance, chandeliers could be used. Battery operated lanterns can also be utilized if power supply isn’t enough.

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Wedding Gown Buying Tips

Mar 14

Many girls are very excited when their marriage date is fixed and understandably so. After all, this is one day of their lives when they are the center of attraction. It is natural for them to have a desire to look their best on this very special day of their lives. Shopping for their Singapore wedding gown thus assumes special significance. Most girls have dreamt about buying their own white flowing wedding dress since their childhood and they attach great importance to buying their wedding dress. Here are a few important tips to make shopping for the Singapore wedding gown less stressful. Too many cooks spoil the broth, they say, and nothing could be truer than this. It is hard to find unanimity when there are 5-6 people trying to choose the wedding dress in singapore and almost always you will find 2-3 praising the design while 2-3 finding a fault with one or the other feature of the wedding dress in Singapore. Two people with you when buying are enough, and if they happen to be your sister and mother, it is good as they can offer some tips.

Make an appointment beforehand
If you are planning to shop from a Singapore bridal boutique or a bridal studio in Singapore, make sure you take a prior appointment. This ensures the salesmen give their time and attention to you. In fact, in many bridal warehouses, a buying tip is that most designs such as legrand wedding dress in Singapore are kept in a backroom which means that you cannot even see them without the assistance of a consultant. Though you think that you know a lot about latest trend in wedding gowns, it is not a bad idea to browse through various wedding dresses from bridal studios like le grand wedding to keep in mind the designs and patterns. You can also window shop a little before starting to shop. If you can take printouts of your favorite dresses online, they can be very helpful, and the salesman in the wedding dresses shop will be glad and thankful to you for it as he can match the design with what he has in a jiffy.

Be flexible in your approach
Looking around does not mean you have made up your mind. Always keep an open mind and analyze the ideas suggested by the singapore consultant at legrand wedding also as he is probably more experienced in selling wedding dresses and has tackled hundreds before you. If you show trust in your consultant, she will recommend just what looks nice on you.

Be mindful of undergarments
Keep in mind that it is not a jeans that you are buying that you can try inside a trial room. This is a bridal dress that needs assistance of another person to try on and then take off. If you are wearing cheap or revealing undergarments, you may have to face embarrassment in front of a stranger.

Just keep in mind these simple tips and start your shopping spree that will be over in a few days to end your anxiety about your wedding gown singapore. You can then start worrying about your face and body.

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