A Beginner’s Guide to The Different Types of Cargo Vessels and Transport

Aug 15

Being non-vessel operating, a freight forwarder agency must get in touch with more than one shipping company in Singapore in order to find the best method for cargo handling.

This means that aside from planning the transportation route for freight forwarding, they also need to find the best vessels that can accommodate the cargo itself, as well as which company owns those vessels.

Knowing the different types of shipping vessels, whether it’s for local freight distribution or international freight if you need to export goods, can save you time with your freight forwarding agent and let you know how your cargo gets to your destination.

Why Planes over Ships?

There are certain types of goods classified as CAO, or “cargo aircraft only”, which means they can only be transported by air freight. This is because these certain cargo types are more likely to combust or break down over extended periods of time, which is why they need to organise shipment as soon as possible.

These goods include combustible and flammable substances, such as gases, liquids, and solids, as well as corrosives and oxidizers, and their volatility makes them very expensive for a logistics company to ship.

The most common type of commercial vehicle used in air freight is the Boeing, whose variants can carry a cargo load of up to 9 containers and 8 pallets on their lower decks. Other airplane models, such as the Airbus and especially the A350-900, can carry up to 13.

Why Ships over Planes?

While you may think that all cargo can be transported via flight to make it faster, even planes have their own limitations in terms of take-off and landing weight.

Maritime forwarding agent charges lesser on shippers here in Singapore who transport their cargo by bulk or by container load. An experienced freight broker should be able to recommend this and be able to provide the most efficient freight forwarding option for you—be it by ship or by plane.

Here are the different types of cargo vessels used in sea freight:

• Bulk carriers – These types of cargo ships are used to transport cargo in bulk, such as mineral ore and food staples (i.e. grain, rice). They also have the cheapest shipping fees.

• Container ships – This type of transportation carrier transports their load in truck-size containers and are so common that they carry most of the world’s dry cargo.

• Tankers – Tankers are extremely crucial for transporting liquids, such as crude oil and petroleum products, in large quantities.

• Reefer ships – Reefer ships are used to transfer perishable goods, such as fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, and other types of foodstuffs.

• Ferries – Ferries often carry passengers and cargo from one land mass to another, but they are usually limited between islands in the same continent.

Your freight forwarder will recommend a specific shipping company to take your cargo, and give you a detailed insight on the freight forwarding services to expect for the transport of your goods. Your agent will also handle the bill of lading and provide you relevant shipping options to suit your cargo needs.

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What is Customer Relationship Management?

Sep 29

In a nutshell, customer relationship management (CRM) are the practices and policies that a company utilizes to deal with their customers and potential customers. A good customer relationship management therefore is the outcome of effective strategies and technology to analyze, manage, and interact with customers to improve delivery of services and goods.

Customer relationship management includes the following: customer data, track leads, clients and other contacts, employees, training and knowledge of employees, resources or assets, partners or support vendors, marketing, sales management, contracts, customer support, sales reports, and access of business information.

Customer Relationship Management System

A CRM system should be able to improve the company-customer relationship to improve sales, retain customers, and attract more customers. This means that all possible means of contacting the company should be used to enhance overall customer experience. For companies that care about sales management, it’s important to set up a CRM system that will allow the employees to build data that can be used for sales reports, management, marketing, and addressing customer concerns.

An example of a CRM system such as www.crystaldash.com from Singapore includes a company’s customer-facing staff, telephone, website, email, social media, and other communication means that will collect data about the customers’ personal details, buying preferences, common complaints, purchase history, and other concerns. Most large businesses in Singapore can benefit from an organized CRM system, but small-scale and medium-scale businesses will also benefit from this.

The customer relationship management system that a company uses may be one of the following:

    1. Customer-centered, which focuses on the interactive and individual relationships with customers.
    2. Opportunity management, which handles the forecast of demand and growth, sales management, and to create projections of future sales.
    3. Marketing campaigns that focus on the analysis of customer sales or the information accessed by the customers in the company’s website and social media.
    4. Data warehouse which stores all the related data from customer profiles to sales reports then combines all the CRM systems to come up with indicators of key performances.
    5. Contact manager system, which is a CRM system that is most useful for small-scale to medium-scale companies that need an integrated contact system for phone calls, emails, faxes, and documents.
    6. Software as a service system, which provide companies with the needed tools through the Internet instead of investing in hardware and software. A provider will set up the CRM system for the company. An example of this is the cloud CRM, which will save the company the time and money it takes to set up a CRM system.
    7. eCommerce CRM, which focuses on the automation of marketing by integrating customer email, cart rescue, and others.
    8. Tracking CRM for membership-based firms and non-profit organizations that will help them track and communicate with individuals.

Customer Relationship Management Types

Ever since the concept of customer relationship was laid out in the 1970s, companies have come a long way to developing different means of dealing with customers and potential customers. Although the components of CRM are primarily about support, sales, marketing and management, the means of collection and analysis of customer and potential customer data may vary.

The company might also focus on specific types of data depending on what type of goods and services they are selling. Even factors such as education and income are taken into account besides the usual demographic data of age and gender when selling products and services. These data are also used to track down possible customers that fit the category of a potential customer profile that was created using the information of existing customers.

Customer relationship management can be divided into different types based on the company’s goal.

    1. Operational CRM focuses on the sales, marketing, and service.
    2. Strategic CRM focuses on creating a customer-centric business.
    3. Analytical CRM focuses on the analysis of all the collected customer data.
    4. Collaborative CRM considers the company’s relationship with its vendors, suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders who also need the collected customer data.

Customer Relationship Management Software

An effective CRM system used by the most successful companies in Singapore is the CRM software setup that will allow the company to integrate all the relevant information that can be accessed easily if needed. Not only will the employees be able to compile and manage customer information, but the CRM software also includes automated workflow processes, set up alerts and tasks, track performances and productivity, and provide channels for customer interaction through phone calls, email, and social media.

A CRM software specifically features a contact automation, marketing automation, sales automation, and location-based technology to make customer relationship management much easier than manual methods.

Marketing will benefit from CRM software such as a cloud CRM for example, because it can assist in any part of the marketing life cycle. It will reduce instances of repetitive tasks to save time in the creation of marketing materials for potential customers. More customers mean more sales, which is another aspect that a CRM system can make easier. This will reduce the time it takes to track and contact both the customers and the salespersons in the company.

For any customer concern, the CRM software will reduce the tasks of a customer agent by solving problems and providing stored information. This system will cut down call times and simplify problem-solving processes for the customers and the customer contact center. Meanwhile, location-based technology will allow the company to create marketing strategies based on the location of potential customers. This is especially useful for large corporations in Singapore that want to attract customers abroad. This can also serve as a means of contacting office anywhere in the world much more easily.

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Key Attributes of a Great Property Manager

Jul 10

Hiring a qualified and savvy estate or condo manager is one of the most important decisions that a property owner should make, as your estate manager is expected to work closely with you and your tenants or buyers, and oversee the overall estate maintenance of your property. This makes your managing agent akin to a CEO of your property.

Choosing the right professional to take care of the crucial roles of a property management agent takes serious consideration and thought. Here are the key attributes to look for when looking into hiring a managing agent in Singapore.

People Skills

One of the top qualities of a property manager is the ability to communicate and handle people. Effective negotiation skills is necessary in working out issues with tenants and prospect buyers, or even persuading you to make improvements to maintain or increase your property’s value. An approachable demeanour and positive attitude are great attributes to have in maintaining healthy relationships both old and new clients or tenants.


Your property agent must have a keen eye for details. Laws and regulations about housing in Singapore and tenant rights are continuously changing, requiring a property management to stay on track of any amendments to state laws and local property codes that can impact your property. Safety hazards on your property can possibly lead to lawsuits; therefore, your agent should regularly inspect your building with superb properties management skills in Singapore and immediately take care of any repairs needed.


Managing multiple properties and clients require exceptional organization skills. Your condo manager should have updated contact information of all tenants, contractors, vendors and staff at all times. He should show an ability to effectively coordinate multiple projects and be able to come up with a timeline to complete property management tasks.


Estate managers are responsible for managing your estate maintenance expenses and creating revenue from your property, so it’s important for your agent to have solid financial knowledge. While a finishing a related degree is not required, having a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is advantageous. Finishing a course in business o accounting provides the necessary tools to succeed in the field.


Property management covers a wide array of maintenance specialties from office buildings and shopping malls, to apartments, condos and single house rentals. However, there’s a huge difference between, say, managing a single house rental and an entire apartment. Apartments have multiple renters and tenants under a single building—with centralized security, common mechanical systems and a common yard and sidewalks. With single house rentals, there’s only one family or individual in one structure, which will require specific estate maintenance needs. When looking for a property manager, you definitely want to hire someone with ample experience in handling the type of property you own.


Since it will be your property agent who do most of the work in taking care of your property, you need someone who is honest with you, as well as with your tenants. If you often find irregularities or questionable actions in the works of your manager, you might want to pay closer attention or consider looking for a more trustworthy one.


Another key attribute of a great managing agent is timeliness. Choose an agent who is always punctual, knows his duties well and executes them timely and impeccably. Working someone who is able to provide all these things will ensure that you are able to manage your property effectively, as well as make sure that everything stays on schedule, no matter how hectic your schedule is.


An efficient manager maintains a certain level of professionalism when dealing with clients, vendors, tenants, etc. They should be able to stick to the rules, separate their emotions from making decisions and treat everyone equally—no favouritism. Life is not always fair, and situations vary. Deciding to do what’s right, while being friendly and firm, especially when dealing with clients and prospect clients is a task that your agent will face on a daily basis. Your estate agent should be someone you can rely on, who is responsible and can remain patient and calm even under pressure.

Other signs to look for:

• How they advertise properties: A great property manager is aggressive in advertising their units. You don’t want your unit(s) staying unoccupied for too long. Remember that it is you who will bear the burden of unprofitable properties, not your condo manager or the property management firm.

• How they screen potential tenants: This is very crucial. Ensure that your estate manager conducts background check before approving a tenant. A simple background check can reveal negative history of a potential renter and save you from losing significant amount of profit.

• How they collect past-due rental fees: Any legitimate estate manager has collection policies in place. Ask about it and make sure it sounds good t you.

• What is their fee structure: Looking for a reliable property manager for a reasonable rate in Singapore should not be too difficult. Usually, it’s anywhere between 10 and 13 percent of the amount of your rent, but various property managers have varying fee structures.

Your estate manager is not someone who will run your basic household stuff; this is the person who will take care of your business accounts, maintain the value of your property and work closely with your tenant. Never settle for the least; having extensive knowledge in this field and possessing critical thinking and problem-solving skills is a must when looking for a great estate manager.

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Are You Made to be an Entrepreneur?

Nov 02

Well the question more appropriate to be answered should be, “Why shouldn’t you?” There are many reasons why you most certainly should be an entrepreneur. Aside from the fact that you can be your own boss, generally you will experience a greater and amazing life. You won’t be able to experience another 9-5 jobs or work for 40-plus hours per week since there are unlimited possibilities will be given to you once you become an entrepreneur. Here are some reasons according to successful entrepreneurs in Singapore:


  1. You can manage your own time. You get to set your own schedule, you get to manage when to do things, set your own deadlines, and so on. Time is essential and to be able to freely manage your own time is the pot of gold you’ll always cherish once you become an entrepreneur.


  1. You can finally control your destiny. Your income is too precious to leave it in the hands of someone else. If you are an entrepreneur, you can finally control your destiny and you can no longer let others control you. You don’t have a boss or a manager to tell you what to do, when to give you incentives or salaries and other benefits. You can create your own destiny without relying solely to what others think you can or cannot do.

  1. Numerous Earning possibilities. The earning potential of a rank and file worker can only be restricted or constrained by its monthly salary. There can be additional bonuses or promotions that can be given or awarded to them but the problem with that is they are limited to what is only given. On the other hand, an entrepreneur can have unlimited earning possibilities. Since you can manage your earnings and plan how you will be able to earn more through your business, you can definitely become more successful in the long run.


  1. You can work anywhere. The power to manage your business wherever you are in the world is one of the major benefits of being a businessman/woman. You can be anywhere yet you can still produce income and monitor your people. With our technological age right now, there are numerous ways how to connect and check your business.


  1. Building a future for your family. When you build your business, you are also building a future for your family and you will be able to take care of your family’s welfare. When you build your legacy, you get to be more assured that they will have a better and well-off future.


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A List of Today’s Great Employers

Oct 17


If you want to advance your career, whether you are just starting or you have years of experience, it is important that you choose the right employers. It is not easy looking for good employers let alone great ones but with the help of other people who have experienced it, it is not that hard. In fact, there is a list compiled for today’s great employers.


You have to look for employers who are looking to hire people with talent and potential. Here is the list of great employers here:

  1. Global Yellowpages Co Ltd

Global Yellowpages Co Ltd is also known as GYP. GYP is one of the oldest companies here established in 1967. The company focuses on database marketing and Small Medium Enterprise’s enablement. The company is known first for its publishing of directories. GYP is in need of Web Operations Manager, Consumer Marketing Specialist, Product Executive and Digital Product Manager.

  1. AED Global

AED Global’s headquarter is in the Philippines. The company is a news organization that is known for its effective marketing strategies with their genuine story-telling. Aside from this, the company also release daily publication. AED Global is in need of Editors, Senior Marketing and Sales Staff and Content and Social Media Manager.

  1. Oddle

Oddle is a company famous for its creation of software that can help the Food and Beverage industry. The software boasts of online ordering system that has the power to manage delivery and takeaway orders of their clients. The company is in need of Business Development, Digital Marketing Intern, Operation Intern and Digital/Print Designer Intern.


  1. YesBoss

YesBoss will make the lives of everyone easier. YesBoss is a virtual assistance service and it can be through text messages. The client can do things with ease from food delivery to ordering food, hotel booking, ticket booking and the like. The company is looking for Sr. Brand Manager, Sr. Frontend Developer, Sr. SEO Manager and Sr. Visual Designer.

  1. Adogo Pte Ltd

The company is the first to conceptualize private car advertising. They match drivers with advertisers and pay them accordingly. Drivers specifically love the company because they get to earn extra money out of advertising. This type of advertising is kind of cheap. Jobs they offer include Sales Manager, Sales. Telemarketing Executive and Part time Marketing/ Office Admin.

All you have to do is apply to these employers and experience it yourself. You should feel why these employers are deemed great among thousands of companies and organizations present here.


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Checking out Audi’s Q7 Leasing Service

Jun 27


If you are in need of a great transportation service, you might want to consider Audi Q7 leasing service in Singapore. Audi is known to be among the best brands of cars in the whole world. This is why a lot of people are fond of it. Know more about how great Audi Q3 leasing or any Audi model leasing by reading this entire article. For sure, you will only have your eyes for Audi cars once you get to know how impressive this brand is.


Why are Audi cars the best? Have you ever wondered how people choose the best cars? Have you ever asked yourself what are the basis to be considered so we can pin point the best cars in the world? Well, Audi is definitely one of the most impressive car brands today. They are considered to be the best for a reason.

The most obvious reason why people label Audi cars as the best is its quality. No other car brand is better than Audi cars when it comes to quality. They are known to be the most durable cars in history. They rarely need repair services because they rarely break down. They are always in a good running condition. You will be very comfortable renting Audi cars for personal or business matters even when it requires long trips.


Another reason why Audi cars are hailed as the best is due to the comfort it provides. Have you ever ridden a car that is very uncomfortable? That makes your trip a bad one. With any Audi car, you can guarantee to have the most comfortable trip ever. You can even sleep comfortably in the car if you want. If you have a very special guest, then do not think twice to hire Audi Q5 leasing service to provide your special guest the best transportation service. For sure, your guest will be impressed as to how you take good care of him/her.

One more thing that makes Audi the best is that the cars are very classic and elegant. It does not look like any other traditional cars in the market. When you see Audi Q7, Q5, Q3 or any Audi model, you will definitely be stunned by its gorgeous appearance. You can easily tell that it is not on par with other car models out there as its elegance is on another level.2017-audi-q7-lease-deal-ny-1-700x448

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