The Various Benefits You Get from Online Publishing

Jun 22

Modernization and advancement in technology, we already know that these are able to bring in various changes in the lives of people. There are even changes in the various industries around the world that includes their operations and delivery of results to their clients. One of the industry hit by this modernization and technology advancement is publishing. In the past, copies of newspapers, magazines, and books continue to flourish as those were the only source of contents by the people.


Many publishing houses are able to boost their business as more and more people purchase their printed products. However, the introduction of online publishing or otherwise known in its other names such as electronic, digital, and e-publishing made it possible for people to utilize their mobile gadgets to get the contents they need. Although there are less and less of people purchasing newspapers because they can browse the World Wide Web for any worthy news to read, magazines and books are still a big hit among book lovers and reading enthusiasts.

On the other hand, aspiring writers are able to find a new way to publish their books and be read by thousands of people that can become potential fans in the future. The answer is online publishing and defined as the digital production, publication, and distribution of e-books, digital magazines, and many more. With the increasing number of people purchasing e-book readers available in the market today, aspiring writers are able to achieve their dreams of having a published book although it’s in a digital format.

For all seasoned and first-time travelers out there, you can get the services of publishing houses that also offers their services in digital publishing at an affordable price. You just need to confirm anything and everything on the included services they provide for a particular package. Without a doubt, there are various advantages if you avail of the online or digital publishing options available today. If you to know what these are then they’re listed below.

  1. Because you don’t have to spend that much money when it comes to online publishing then surely one of its great benefits is that it’s affordable. It is now possible for all aspiring writers to publish their books without spending that much. If no publishing house is interested in your write-up then you can avail of this option. You just need to make sure that you get the services of a legit digital publishing house to provide you with all the necessary steps to take.
  2. On the other hand, it is also possible that you can make more money through it. Though not as much as famous authors earn through the royalties they receive, you are still able to earn money nevertheless. Although the distributing channels need to be paid out as well as the digital publishing house, you are able to take at least half or more than half of the earned money depending on the arrangement.lucidpress-imac-510x450-v2
  3. Another great benefit of online publishing is that the author receives the payment quickly. Because every transaction including the financial aspect is done digitally, the author is able to receive the payments made by the online users who purchased a copy. Depending on the arrangement of the money transfer or such, it surely is quick and very much convenient.
  4. You don’t have to worry about excess copies of the published book if you do it digitally. Because you will be making online or digital copies, there is no problem with excess copies because there’s none. You can simply send a copy to the purchaser once they paid the right amount. So that means, there is less environmental footprint because there’s no remaining stock.
  5. In connection with the number one benefit, we just want to reiterate that you have lower publishing costs when you make use of this publishing option. Yes, it may be true that your dream is to do it the traditional way where you can physically hold the published book and make promotions. However, you need to be realistic as well. If you don’t have the budget then might as well take advantage of the low cost of online publishing. Once you have the money then you will have the fund for the traditional publication. But for now, do it the digital way because it would really help you.

So you see, there’s nothing wrong with digital publishing because you’re able to get all of these benefits if you choose to avail of this publishing option.


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More of the World’s Megacities  

Nov 28


You do not hear this often but cities with population of more than ten million people are called megacities. If you already know the top ten (Tokyo, Jakarta, New Delhi, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Krachi, Beijing, New York and Guangzhou) megacities in the world, it can benefit you if you know the rest of the list.


The World Urban Areas Index released its newest edition of the top twenty megacities. The Index was made possible by Demographia. Here’s the other ten megacities in the world:

  • Sao Paulo: Sao Paolo is the number eleventh megacity in the world with 20.3 million people.
  • Mexico City: Mexico is the number twelfth megacity in the world with 19.4 million people.
  • Mumbai: Mumbai has now 17.7 million people making it the thirteenth megacity in the world.
  • Osaka: Osaka has 17.4 million people making it the fourteenth megacity in the world.
  • Moscow: The capital of Russia is becoming richer and with plenty of opportunities, it is now the fifteenth megacity in the world with 16.1 million people.


  • Dhaka: Dhaka is the sixteenth megacity in the world with 15.66 million people.
  • Cairo: Cairo is the biggest metropolitan in Africa with 15.6 million people making it the seventeenth megacity in the world.
  • Los Angeles: Lost Angeles if the eighteenth megacity in the world with 15 million people.
  • Bangkok: The capital of Thailand housed 14.9 million people making it the nineteenth megacity in the world.
  • Kolkata: Kolkata is another Indian city and was the capital of British India way back 1912. The city nestles 14.6 million people making it at number twenty.

Singapore is a small country with manageable population that is why you never made it to the list.


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Three Different Ways for VoIP Connection

Nov 18

The way how Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) works is a mystery to many of us here in Singapore. Because of this, it’s understandable why many still stick to conventional phone calls as their mode of communication.

When you choose to use voice-over IP, you’ll benefit from the practicality of bypassing the telephone company and its per-call charges, saving you more money and the worry every time you make long distance calls. Also, VoIP Singapore works in various ways, giving you options on how to use the system more conveniently. What are these various ways for voice-over IP connection we’re talking about? Read on and find out.


1. Phone to Phone
This VoIP mode is very handy, but it doesn’t come cheap and it’s not as simple to set up as the other two. To make communicating possible, there are two ways to choose from when opting to use the phone-to-phone voice-over IP method.

• Using IP Phones
IP phones look closely the same with standard phones. The only difference is that IP phones work through a router or gateway, instead of connecting to a normal Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), to get the communication running. Therefore, IP phones do not connect to RJ-11 socket, rather it uses RJ-45 plug, the one we use for wired Local Area Network (LAN) connections.

You may also use wireless connection, such as WiFi, to connect to a network with a Singapore hosted voip provider to get a connection. If you prefer this, you can either use RJ-45 or USB for network connection.

• Using ATA
Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is a device that lets you connect a PSTN phone to a computer or directly to the Internet. This method delivers the voice calls by converting voice from standard phone into digital data that’s ready to be sent over the Internet.

If you sign-up for a voice-over IP service, expect to have an ATA bundled with your service package, which you can also return if you decide to terminate the subscription. All you have to do is to plug the ATA to the phone line and/or computer, follow installation instructions, and you’re VoIP is ready for use.

2. Computer to Computer
This mode is the easiest and the most commonly used among the three. You only need a computer, a good Internet connection, and the necessary hardware to listen and speak (e.g. headset, speakers and microphone). You may use video and audio communication application, like Skype, to communicate with people. However, this will only work if the other line(s) are using the same application and is connected at the same time as yours.


Communication through this mode can happen through a LAN as well. To be able to do this, the network should be IP-enabled (i.e. the IP should run and control the packet data transfer on the network). When communicating through a LAN or an Internet, you need an adequate bandwidth. 50kbps would be enough to be able to speak with the other line(s), but it is not of great quality. For good quality calls, have at least 100kbps.

3. Computer to Phone and Vice Versa
Knowing that VoIP connection can be done in computer-to-computer method and phone-to-phone method, you’ve probably figured out that voice-over IP can also be done through computer-to-phone method. Yes, it is possible to call someone through his phone using a computer and vice versa. You can also have a conference with several users, using a mix of PCs, laptops, and phones, to communicate over the same network. However, expect that the software and hardware are heavier for this method.

VoIP Singapore is a revolutionary technology that has the capability to rework the world’s conventional communication system. It has shown vast improvement in the current phone system in terms of cost, flexibility, and efficiency. Although experts said that voice-over IP isn’t completely perfect yet and has a few more challenges to overcome, its developers guarantees to never stop refining this technology until it becomes the perfect replacement for costly traditional phone calls.


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The 10 Richest People in Singapore

Sep 13


Singapore is one of the most productive and economically stable nations in the world. Apart from its busy ports and financial district, the economic success it enjoys can also be attributed to the people running the country’s private sector. By being accomplished people by themselves, they contribute greatly to Singapore’s financial welfare. They are:


No. 10 – Khoon Hong Kuok ($2.4 billion): Khoon found his fortunes in the palm oil industry. He is currently the CEO of Wilmar International.

No. 9 – Peter Lim ($2.5 billion): A former major stockholder in Wilmar International, he sold his shares and is now a major stockbroker.

No. 8 – Richard Chandler ($3 billion): He is another major stock market investor through his investment firm, Chandler Corporation.

No. 7 – Goh Cheng Liang ($3.2 billion): His story is one from rags to riches as he grew up poor and never had formal education. Made his name through the paint industry.

No. 6 – Eduardo Saverin ($4.2 billion): Saverin’s fortunes results from his co-founding of Facebook, in which he holds $3 billion worth of shares. He notably renounced his US citizenship to become a citizen of Singapore.

No. 5 – Kwee Brothers ($6 billion): Composed of brothers Keng, Tek, Seen, and Phing, they hold the Pontiac Land Group, one of the biggest real estate companies in Singapore.


No. 4 – Cho Yaw Wee ($6.2 billion): He is the chairman of the United Overseas Bank, which was founded by his father Ee Cheong back in 1935.

No. 3 – Khoo Family ($7 billion): A prominent family in Singapore that made its fortunes through banking. They hold assets in Standard Chartered Bank and Maybank.

No. 2 – Leng Beng Kwek ($7.8 billion): Leng made his money through real estate and he is now the chairman of Hong Leong Group of Companies, which holds prime real estate assets in Singapore.

No. 1 – Robert and Philip Ng ($12.8 billion): The brothers Ng, considered the richest persons in Singapore, hold several real estate companies such as the Fear East Organization, Sino Group, and Tsim Sha Tsui Properties.


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How to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Oct 11

You are either the boss or the employee. If you are the boss, you have a lot of responsibilities especially to your employees. You need to make sure that your employees are satisfied with their work so in return, they can be productive. How can you increase employee satisfaction, then?

smiling people 2-resized-600.jpg-resized-600

Before discussing ways to increase employee satisfaction, it is crucial that you know the results of an interim study here in Singapore. The study agrees to the Committee of Inquiry report. It found out that more than 90% of the foreign workers here in Singapore are highly satisfied with their jobs. The interim findings were revealed by Tan Chuan-Jin, the Minister of Manpower on parliament on July 07, 2014.

Going back to the main issue, how can you increase employee satisfaction? Here’s how:

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

  • Positive work environment: If the working environment is not positive, you do not expect your workers to be positive. It is important that you create a culture of positivity. It should begin in you.
  • Provide reasonable benefits: Turn-over rates are high because you give small salaries and benefits. You should realize that you need to provide reasonable benefits so your employees have something to look forward.
  • Develop skills: Learning should be continuous. Your employees can be more when you give them the chance. Stagnation will destroy your organization. Think of training and mentoring.
  • Recognition and rewards: Employees need inspiration. The benefits and the compensation are not enough. You have to consistently recognize and reward those who are exemplary.

The things mentioned above are a good start. Do not hesitate to empower your employees because it will translate to productivity and eventually profits.


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