Things Needed to Make the News Worthy

Oct 18

There is no direct definition of news. However, many journalist claims that new is defined as an event or happening aall around. Other people would say the news literally stands for North, East, West, South which is clearly a term for everywhere. Moreover, news is an informantion or record of the events that happened most especially if it involves the country, famous personalities and ordinary individuals as long as it posseses the elements that must be needed in order to be worthy as a news.


To fully know what exactlay happened in a specific place, a writer must check the following things so that it can be called a news:

Prominence – In this element, a writer must know if the people inevolved are prominent individuals in the community. For example, Homeowner President or Police Officer.

Immediacy – In reality, people would love to know something new and something that they will have interest. Bringing the freshest and the most recent information is more efficient compared to a week old news.


Proximity – Once you have written a story about the Drug raid in Mexico, will the people of Singapore gets affected with the news? This will not happen because people in Singapore only wants to know the things around them.

Humor – This is one significant element in creating a news. Sometimes, there are news that makes people laugh. Like for instance, “A Guy Shows His Underwear to People”. The more the readers laugh about the news, the more it is correct.


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The Common Mistakes in Writing for Print

Oct 15

People do not notice that there are some errors in the articles that are published by newspaper companies. Some of the mistakes can be easily determined by a co-writer. On the other hand, it sometimes cannot be seen by the usual readers. For the ordinary people to know what are the mistakes of the write-ups in a newspaper, keep on reading.


Unnecessary Words

Sometimes, print writers tend to use too many sentences or perhaps phrases. This causes the informationl to be jumbled which makes the readers confuse and will eventually lead to discontinue reading. Being concise is the name of the game.

Long Sentences

Most of the time readers just read and read withoutll knowing that the article they are reading takes them 10 minutes for it to end. Actually, in writing for newspapers, it should be straight to the point unless it a feature story wherein you need to use fancy words.


Unknown Words

One rule in writing is to be specific to the words that are used because the mass will read the newspaper and not intelligent individuals. Sometimes, many people read in the newspaper the words that are not familiar to them. This leads to annoyance of the reader and find another article to read on.

Improper Review

This is the most important part in creating the story. After the first draft. there must be a person to review the article to avoid some words or perhaps sentences that are not needed in the article. Through this, writers have the chance to correct themselves and prevent getting caught with libelous and offensive statements.



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