More of the World’s Megacities  

Nov 28


You do not hear this often but cities with population of more than ten million people are called megacities. If you already know the top ten (Tokyo, Jakarta, New Delhi, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Krachi, Beijing, New York and Guangzhou) megacities in the world, it can benefit you if you know the rest of the list.


The World Urban Areas Index released its newest edition of the top twenty megacities. The Index was made possible by Demographia. Here’s the other ten megacities in the world:

  • Sao Paulo: Sao Paolo is the number eleventh megacity in the world with 20.3 million people.
  • Mexico City: Mexico is the number twelfth megacity in the world with 19.4 million people.
  • Mumbai: Mumbai has now 17.7 million people making it the thirteenth megacity in the world.
  • Osaka: Osaka has 17.4 million people making it the fourteenth megacity in the world.
  • Moscow: The capital of Russia is becoming richer and with plenty of opportunities, it is now the fifteenth megacity in the world with 16.1 million people.


  • Dhaka: Dhaka is the sixteenth megacity in the world with 15.66 million people.
  • Cairo: Cairo is the biggest metropolitan in Africa with 15.6 million people making it the seventeenth megacity in the world.
  • Los Angeles: Lost Angeles if the eighteenth megacity in the world with 15 million people.
  • Bangkok: The capital of Thailand housed 14.9 million people making it the nineteenth megacity in the world.
  • Kolkata: Kolkata is another Indian city and was the capital of British India way back 1912. The city nestles 14.6 million people making it at number twenty.

Singapore is a small country with manageable population that is why you never made it to the list.


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