Typical Reasons Why People Add Strangers on Facebook

Nov 07

A software company in Singapore conducted a survey, to know how many Singaporean Facebook users are willing to add people who they really don’t know. The results revealed that more than half of them were okay at befriending a complete stranger on Facebook.

This survey’s result isn’t a big surprise for most users of the social networking giant. People in this generation are more adventurous and insistent in terms of having friends. They are publicly open for anything as long as they are into it. Although this sounds like keeping up with the beat, they still have to take this in a cautious manner.


Here are the three typical reasons why people add strangers on Facebook:

1. To gain more friends. Some people are just naturally friendly. They just want to be friends with people who they can talk to or can personally hang out with. But there are also some people who just want to be known as the “Mr. and Ms. Popular”, who base their popularity in the number of friends they have on Facebook.

2. To seek a future partner. Some people add a stranger, who they think have the potential to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. Someone who they can really date in the future. Usually people use to randomly add good-looking guys and gorgeous girls, whatever and whoever they are. And of course (in reality), who will not accept a friend request from someone so pretty and handsome? That’s really hard to turn down.

3. To make a business. Some people add strangers on Facebook because of they are selling a certain products or they are providing certain services. It’s a marketing strategy to attract clients and for the business to be known.

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