Taking Advantage of Online Media in Singapore

May 08


The penetration of internet in Singapore is as good as that of in the US, and ahead of many developed countries. The belief that online media is dominating other forms of media in the country has been echoed by prominent personalities including the communications minister who has recently said that there exist tremendous opportunities in online media in Singapore. However, to have an online media as professional as it should be, and as good as it is in countries like the US and Japan, huge amount of money needs to be pumped in. unless this happens, the opportunities for all those undergoing training as journalists in online media appear to be slim.The situation is such that is something if not done in the near future, the tech savvy youth that has identified online media as its preferred choice of all news related content will soon be disillusioned and start to look for alternatives in the form of professional blogs even foreign newspapers. But their hunger gets satiated by credible local news and this is something that only fresh online media content can provide. Online media professionals are urgently required by online newspapers to show that they can meet the requirements for the internet savvy youth. Singapore has no dearth of qualified media professionals and they are the ones who stand to gain in this logical next step for online media.

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