Steps for Better LASIK Surgery Recovery

Jul 07

Are you one of those people contemplating about having Epi LASIK or Lasik surgery in order to correct your vision difficulty? If so, then you have to ensure that you already know how to choose the right surgeon for you to deal with and about on what you should expect all through the surgery.


If you are about to take this up in Singapore, knowing more about what lies ahead of you would surely make the journey a better one and would possibly a smoother one to consider. Here are some of the things that you must know more about Lasik surgery. Prior to getting on the operating room, you would then undergo for some tests together with an optometrist. Such tests are being designed for letting the surgeon know about how much work your cornea needs to go through.


Such tests will then serve about two purposes. For these two Lasik and Epi Lasik surgery, the doctor would then assess your eyes as well as eyesight in order to determine whenever your situation could be easily fixed. In Singapore, a few weeks before the LASIK singapore surgery it is recommended that patients should not wear contact lenses due it could change the cornea shape and may have great effect to the surgery result.

In addition, no lotion or make up must be applied onto the face a few days before the LASIK operation in order to prevent infection. Before the procedure, it is essential to have a discussion with the surgeon regarding the examinations that was done and the possible risks along with the procedure. When visiting your chosen clinic in Singapore, see the surgical center records and ensure that there were no unfortunate operations in which the surgeon had taken.


It is also important that before the Lasik or Epi-LASIK surgery candidates are recommended to prevent activities like swimming, contact sports and strenuous activities that could strain, infect or injure the eyes. Wherever you may choose to have the LASIK or Epi Lasik surgery done, these things must be observed in order to have a safer and successful operation. So, what are you waiting for, considering this thing is essential.

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