How to Be Friends with Your Ex Again

Jun 19

Although breaking up with your significant other isn’t the most fun thing in the world, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing either – especially if you’re planning to remain friends with your ex. With that in mind, we listed down some of the easiest and healthiest ways on how you can stay friends with an ex-lover.

1. Mourn Your Breakup Quietly

After a breakup, it can be quite tempting to say the meanest things or cry in front of your ex. However, doing any of these things will only make it impossible for you to be friends later on. Do everyone a favour by mourning your breakup in private, so as to avoid looking like you’re such a bitter ex.

2. Allow Them to Move On

Although this won’t be easy, learn to give up any feeling of jealousy as they start dating someone else. The most difficult part of breaking up is realizing that you no longer have his heart, but the healthiest way to stay as their friend is to watch him move on and love again.

3. Avoid Talking About Your New Relationship

As much as you want to talk about your new love life with your ex, avoid doing so as it’ll only result in jealousy and resentment. Keep yourself from name dropping your new guy, or talking about the movie that you watched together. It might make you feel bad for hiding it to your ex, but keep in mind that it’s for the greater good. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to hear any news about his new girl.

4. Be Happy for Them

You know what makes friendship such a great thing? Being genuinely happy when a friend starts making positive in their life. So even if you want your ex to be sad without you, show him your support whenever something good happens in his life.

5. Keep Everything Fun and Casual

When you’re trying to be friends with an ex, avoid hanging out in some romantic wine bar as much as possible. Keep everything completely platonic and stress-free by visiting a farmers market or playing bowling instead. That way, you’ll enjoy each other’s company without feeling like you’re on a date.

Being friends with someone you were crazy in love with is never easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it if you parted ways amicably and still care enough for each other. With this, you get to keep the person you once loved around, while being open to potentially meeting a new love.

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