Delectable Treats for Foreigners

Nov 10

Now, let’s talk about that four-letter word that all of us crave for every day of our lives. It’s something that any person in the world recognizes. It’s something that has kept the human race in existence. Have you guessed it already? If you answered love, well, sorry but that’s not the word I’m looking for. I’m talking about FOOD.

But food isn’t only meant to sustain us; it’s also something that gives identity to a country. For example, when you say America, you’d think of burgers; when you say Italy, you’d think of pizza or pasta; when you say China, its noodles; and when you say Singapore, what do you actually think of?


Well, most Singaporeans consider chicken rice as their national dish. As the name implies, it is made of steamed or boiled chicken placed on top of oily rice, served with sliced cucumbers. But other than this, there are actually several foods that you should definitely try when in Singapore.

Craving for seafood? Chili crab is something that will truly make your mouth water and will leave your plate empty. It’s so sumptuous that you’d probably forget your poise when eating this.

How about an Asian version of the kebab? Have you ever had satay before? It’s marinated meat skewered on a thin bamboo stick or a stem of coconut leaves. The grilled meat itself is already delicious, but you should also try dipping it in the peanut sauce so that you’d get a lovely mixture of sweet and spicy.

These are just a few of the many other Singaporean dishes that are definitely a must-try. Once you’ve tried the array of dishes that Singapore has to offer, don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting more.

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