Data Loss and Data Recovery

Apr 17

Perhaps, all computer users have experienced the need to recover a lost or deleted file at least once. Other reasons like hardware life span could also be a possible cause of data loss. For instance, many hard drives have 3 to 5 years life span, while optical discs have 25 to 30 years average life span. Going beyond the span of time may result to system malfunction, and may lead to data loss. Since it is highly possible to lose important files, we need data recovery.

Data Recovery
Data recovery is the process of getting back lost data due to accidental deletion, corrupted software, or malfunctions. The recovery process in Singapore may differ, depending on the data recovery software used to create the backup, and the target media of the backup. For example, many laptop and desktop backup software allow users to personally restore the unit’s lost files, while corrupted database restoration from a tape backup requires IT intervention since it entails more complicated process. Fast data recovery can be in a form of service instead of software. Such services are usually utilized in retrieving data and files that were accidentally deleted from the computer system and were not backed up but still in the unit’s disk.
Reasons for Data Loss

1. Logical Damage
Logical damage happens due to file system malfunction or corruption. It could happen because of accidental deletion of folders and files, malware attack, electro-static discharge, or power spike. These system problems may cause a fault in the database design that requires fast data recovery in Singapore which results to inappropriate responds or may completely crash the whole system. Often times, logical errors can be fixed by using DIY recovery software. But, if the damage is extensive, it may require services from a data recovery company.

2. Physical Damage
Your unit’s storage media could get broken due to several reasons. The desktop’s optical disks may have damaged or scratched off data storing layer due to exposure to light, mishandling, high temperature or moisture. Tapes may have warped or snapped because of faulty head. Hard drives could suffer electronic or mechanical failure due to damage in internal parts. Oftentimes, physical damages can’t be fixed by desktop or laptop owners alone and often require expert services from data recovery technicians in order to save lost data.

Are all lost data recoverable?
Most likely, erased or lost data are always recoverable. A deleted file stays unharmed in the unallocated bands on the system disk and is very much possible to recover; even the Singapore files which have been overwritten can be recovered by using higher data recovery methods. So, basically, we hardly encounter an entirely irrecoverable data loss cases.

Data Recovery Essentials
Due to the increasing demand, data recovery companies in Singapore are sprouting fast like mushrooms over the years. However, legitimate and reliable companies can only be counted on fingers. Skilled technical staff, customized tools, proper infrastructure, and excellent customer service are the essential requirements to be able to distinguish a good and fast data recovery company.

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