The Approach of a Conversation

Feb 09

A conversation has three parts, the approach, the actual conversation, and the departure. Now, why is conversation very important? Not only is conversation the only way for us to be able to relay a certain message from one person to another, it is also a very basic human skill which since we were a kid, we have been taught to learn. First of all, kids usually have problems communicating because of the limited vocabulary around them. You only use the certain words that were taught to you and to present a thought that you can’t directly put into words. Because of the lack of vocabulary, you find other ways to present that thought and that is where complication comes in. Well, basically you wouldn’t be able to understand someone if you weren’t able to communicate properly.

Now let’s go back to conversation. Communication can be thought of as just one person relaying a certain message while conversation on the other hand is an exchange of messages. It is an exchange of ideas, it is an exchange of thoughts, and it is exchange of material and that is something we should work on because it is very important to receive information as well. Conversation is used in our everyday lives. The way we treat people, the way we say hi, the way we ask how their day is, the way we ask certain questions, the way we talk to our friends, the way we talk to our family members and more.

Conversation can be really tricky nowadays. Misunderstanding is the cause of a lot of fights and sticky situations. Conversation could involve the tone of your voice, the words you choose to use, the way you dress, and many other different variables. There are approaches for different conversations. In business, the approach of the conversation is way different than meeting somebody randomly at a certain social gathering. The approach is different in the way you talk to your parents, the way you talk to your spouse, or even the way you talk to your kids. Conversation has a lot of levels and a lot of depth into it. Ending the conversation can be really tricky not because of the words used, but because of the thought that that specific person wants to communicate over to you. The bottom line is patience is important.

The approach of the conversation may differ. There are times when you need to be more aggressive and there are also times when you need to be passive. misusing these approaches may result in devastating outcomes. Sometimes people take offense when you become too aggressive when the conversation is supposed to be casual. This the first thing you must learn the perfect your approach.

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