The Applications of Nanotechnology

Oct 08

You often hear nanotechnology in sci-fi movies but these days, nanotechnology is so real that you can almost reach it. When you hear about nanotechnology, it refers to the manipulation of matter. The manipulation can be molecular or atomic. Singaporean scientists have their own share of nanotechnology. In fact, Singapore signed a cooperation deal with South Korea and Russia to develop nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology is very broad that it transcends to other fields like chemistry, biology, physics and many more. There are scientists that are excited of the limitless possibilities of nanotechnology. If you want to know about the applications of nanotechnology, you can start here:

  • Cosmetics: Sunscreen and other cosmetics are partly made of titanium dioxide which is considered as a nanomaterial.
  • Food products: Nanomaterials are also found in some food products like gecko tape and the silver for packing food.
  • Home improvement: Nanomaterials are best friends of people who plan to improve their house. For example, surface coatings, varnishes and paints are made of nanomaterials.

Nanotech counters

  • Sports: It does not end there. Nanomaterials are also seen in tennis, golf and bowling balls. It will make the balls fly straight and it can last long.
  • Automotive: In the automotive industry, cars are made with nanomaterials. Cars these days need only few metals and fuel to run.
  • Video games: If you want to play inside the house, nanotechnology will make your experience worthwhile.  With the help of nanomaterials, personal computers and video consoles will become faster and cheaper.

Of course, there are always two sides of a coin. While there are scientists that continue to develop nanotechnology, there are others that relentlessly go against it. These scientists are only concerned about its implications.


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