Don’t Forget to PASS When there’s Fire  

Apr 11

Fire is worse than robbery so they say. Actually both are undesirable but for the purposes of comparison, others would prefer robbery than fire. When you are robbed, robbers will only get something of value. When your house is on fire, it will engulf everything. It will not leave anything.


When there’s fire, it is critical that we know how to deal with it so we will not incur total damage. The first line of defence is fire extinguisher. If we have fire extinguisher, we should not forget to P A S S. What’s P A S S?

  • P: P stands for pull. When we have the fire extinguisher within our reach, the basic thing that we need to do is pull the pin.
  • A: After pulling the pin, the next thing that we need to do is aim the nozzle of extinguisher at the base of the flames.


  • S: Now that we aimed for the base of the flames, the next thing that we need to do is squeeze the trigger while holding the extinguisher in an upright position.
  • S: The last thing that we need to do is sweep the extinguisher from side to side covering the area of the fire.

Now we are knowledgeable about fire suppression. Fire extinguishers are widely available here in Singapore. In the event that we cannot handle the fire, it is time to call the nearest fire station. There are many fire stations here in Singapore so this is not an issue. You have the responsibility to lead the people towards the exit.

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