Benefits of Having Plants Inside Your Home

Apr 19

Plants have many benefits more than what we can think of. Aside from beautifying the environment, it can also serve as our best line of defense against pollution. Many Singaporean homes have plants and according to research, keeping plants inside the home can have plenty of mental and physical health benefits. So it is time to consider that potted plant.


Once you learn the benefits of plants, for sure you will be inspired to get more. You know that plants fight pollution. If it is placed inside your home, it can improve the quality of air around. Plants should be placed indoor especially if you spend more time indoors. According to some studies, indoor air is more polluted than outside air because of paints, clothing, furnishing and building materials and compounds.

Here are other benefits of plants inside your home:

  • It can help fight colds: Would you believe that plants can help fight colds? A study conducted in Norway’s University of Agriculture revealed that indoor plants can help colds, sore throats and fatigue. It can fight cold because it can increase humidity and decrease dust.
  • It can make you happy: According to The American Horticultural Therapy Association, plants can make you happy. It has psychological benefits like increased self-esteem, sense of stability. Relaxation and optimism. It does not end there because plants can also reduce depression, stress and anxiety not to mention it can improve mood.


  • It can improve cognitive function: Plants have the power to improve cognitive function. It can actually help you think better. Mental benefits include heightened attention, improved memory and concentration and intensified goal achievement. There is another study conducted by Texas’ A&M University. They found out that plants can enhance creativity.

So, what plants should you consider? All plants offer significant benefits but to a varying degree. The best plants to consider include ivy, dragon tree, lilies, ferns, chrysanthemum, rubber and palms. If you want to ensure the quality of indoor air, experts are recommending that you put a plant every ten square yards of your house.

There is no doubt that plants can make a difference at the end of the day. It is therefore important that it should not be ignored or abandoned. In your office, if there is no rule about bringing plants to your workplace, you should bring one or two there so the quality of air around you is not polluted. Share this information to friends so they too will bring plants and make the world a better place to live.

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